We’re a gadget loving family!  We love gadgets and buy way too many.  Sometimes they’re quite useful and sometimes they’re not but we’re still suckers for gadgets.

When I was teaching in Louisiana early last spring, my friends took me to a really neat kitchen store.  I can’t even remember the name of it.  It was kinda like a kitchen/restaurant supply store.  I bought some interesting dipping spoon/scoop type things, a cake tester, cannoli tubes and this:

Since I knew we were moving, I just left the whole bag of stuff at mom’s.  When we were there a month or so ago, I brought the bag home with me and I couldn’t figure out what this thing was!  Anyone know?  I looked at the receipt which was thankfully still in the bag, and it’s a citrus peeler.   You put it on your finger, poke the little peg thing into the peeling, pull it down and it slices right through the peeling.

Then the little segments of peeling just come right off.

How cool is that for $1?  Yes, a regular small kitchen knife does the same trick but it sometimes cuts into the orange.  It is a pretty neat little tool but does anyone want to guess how long before this little thing will get lost?


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    Karen says

    When I was a kid we had one of those. An Aunt came to visit at Christmas time and just went on and went on about how much she like that little gadget. After she left, we never saw it again!
    Was wondering if they were still around. They work really good.

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    I’ve had one of those for years. . . . and it comes in handy — not just for citrus. I’ve used it at the top of bananas when I can’t get the skin to split.

    I love gadgets of all kinds. . . DH is probably just as bad as me — except when it comes to the electronics end of things.

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    Roberta says

    If you put it in the silverware drawer with the shorter spoons might not get lost. 😉 I have one that is longer, more like a knife but works about the same. Good luck!!!!!
    Nosy me was wondering about an update on the sewing room??? Or did all the workers take off for the holidays???

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    Margery says

    This gadget is the same colour as the orange, isn’t it? We have lost more than one, and I think they’ve got thrown out with the peel because they are camouflaged. Keep an eye on yours when throwing out your peel!

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    I found one of those at Mom’s house and it’s now in my kitchen – I threw it in the bowl with the oranges so it’s easier to pick up and use.

    And while a knife is just as easy to use, there is less chance of cutting fingers with this gadget, so safe for kids!

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    Toni in TN says

    Darn, I just got a case of grapefruit and oranges from the band boosters and that would really come in handy. If anyone sees them locally let us know.

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      Miss Jamee says

      call your tupperware dealer. they have a citrus peeler they give away free! or at least they used to!

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    I love kitchen gadgets. That might make a good stocking stuffer for the fruit eating grandchildren. The bigger girls (10 & 12) take care of the kitchen clean up and alot of the cooking so I think they’d enjoy using and keeping track of the citrus peelers. I’ll try Bed, Bath & Beyond on my next shopping trip.

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    We have several citrus peelers. Only ours look like bright yellow crochet hooks. Tupperware has made them for many years. I’m glad you figured out what your orange ring was for! I love gadgets too!

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    Sandy says

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as a citrus peeler, even though I lived most of my life in Florida. We alway just use our fingers. Relatives, neighbors, and friends with citrus trees in their yards always shared their fruit and an orange grove was less than a mile away. I do miss fresh picked citrus!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    OK…you took pictures of the peeler in action. Check. You posted the pictures to your blog. Check. Do you know where you peeler is now????? LOL It is small, and will be easy to misplace or overlook in a drawer. Nifty gadget though!

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    I have two of those things, one for the motorhome and one for the house! there has been a time or two when my daughter has given me a gadget for the kitchen and I have had to ask what it was and how to use it!

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    Laurel from Iowa says

    My husband likes oranges and grapefruit, so I’ll be on the lookout for one of these.

    Did you ever get rain? It’s pouring like a day in April here, but better rain than snow and ice.

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    i have the one tupperware sold years ago and love it! the top part has the little hooky section and the bottom is flat so you can work it under the peel after scoring it. it’s a cool thing to have around.

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    Cindy in NC says

    I carried one of those gadgets in my lunch bag for years. I used it to help kids at school peel their oranges. They loved watching how it worked, and I often had a line of kids (from my class as well as from others) wanting to get their citrus fruit peeled. I eventually lost it, which wasn’t entirely bad — since then I’ve had a chance to actually eat my own lunch instead of entertain kids with this device.

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    I have had a bright yellow Tupperware citrus peeler for a zillion years. It still resides in my utensil drawer and it gets used for all kinds of things ……and sometimes oranges.

  16. 20


    LOL! I love it – now I gotta go out and get one of these lit’l babies! It’s one of those “now-why-didn’t-I think-of that” thing-ys 😉

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    katie says

    I have the Tupperware ones I found them at garage sales and second hand places so they are out there.. Just keep your eyes open … One thing you can do with it for fun is as you peal your fruit place it close to a childs face and the peal mist will tickle their faces, my grands think it is soo funny!!

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    Diana in TX says

    I think Bed, Bath and Beyond carries them. I have always wondered if they worked. Will have to get several now and we have bags of oranges and grapefruit coming this weekend!

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    AnnieQuilts says

    I looked for ages for one of the Tupperware ones, not knowing they were Tupperware until now. I spend hours just browsing gadget stores; almost as much fun as a quilt shop.

  20. 25


    I too have all kinds of those. I love them. Right now, we have the crochet type ones. I keep losing them too, and the only thing I can think of is they accidentally get thrown out with the peels!
    I had a few, and lost them ,and then my girlfriend bought me 3, and I lost them , so then I bought 10 on amazon, and so far have 9 of them! I carry one in my purse during fruit season! What can I say I love my fruit…my advise, if you like them, would be to buy a dozen!