Pinterest Update

Since being a Pinterest member for about 24 hours now, I’m a pro!   🙂   Seriously, I have a lot to learn but I think I’ve figured it out.  Think about it as your very own bulletin board or cork board or a really advanced bookmark list.  Say I’m looking for a recipe I might want to make for next week and I happen across a cake recipe that looks like it’s the best cake ever.  I could bookmark it but my bookmarks get pretty unorganized or I might be at the grocery store and decide I want to make that cake and want to check the ingredient list.  I could print the recipe and put it in a folder or save it to my “recipe” files on my computer or maybe I’d even import it into the Paprika app on the iPad.  But . . what if I’m at the grocery store and don’t have the iPad and don’t have the Paprika app on my Droid phone?

Once you join Pinterest, you’re able to import a little “Pin it” icon onto your bookmark bar so any time I see something on the internet I like and want to save, I just hit that little “Pin it” icon and I’m asked which Board it should go into and . . it’s there forever.  So, when I’m at the grocery store, I can go to the Pinterest app or, click on my “Yum – Good Food” Board and there’s my recipe!

And, suppose I am standing with my iPad . . waiting for water to boil on the stove . . which is a heck of a lot quicker on the gas stove so I don’t have nearly as much time to play while “waiting for the water to boil” . . but just suppose I pick up the iPad, go to Pinterest and am looking at the boards belonging to others and I see a bread recipe that looks like something I must make.  I simply hit “repin” button and tell it to go into the “Yum- Good Food” Board and just like that . . I have it on my Board for future reference.

Yes, it could be a time drain . . if I let it.  I will not.  I think it will save me time . . lots of time from hunting things I thought I’d seen on the internet somewhere.  Once you find folks who have like interests, all you have to do is “follow” them.  You see good stuff on their Boards, you can repin it to your own Boards. They waste their time on the computer . . you reap the benefits!

I can see why folks have been raving about Pinterest.  It is so not hard to learn to use but I still have a lot to learn and if I’ve given any wrong information here, please some of you real experts correct me.

And, just for the record, if anyone wants to follow me, this is me:


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    I joined over a month ago, but there was a conflict because I could log in, but never pin anything — it would hang up on me.

    I tried to log in today and it said my email address was already taken by another user?!? huh?!?

    So I just deleted my account and will start over. Not sure if I will use it much either!

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    Elsie from KS says

    I just got my invitation today to pinterest. I haven’t gotten to pin anything yet but can hardly wait to get started.

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    Julia says

    I LOVE PINTEREST!!!! I have found so many fun things on there. So much easier to keep track of the interesting things that I find on the internet!

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    the thing I love about Pinterest is that they have a way of adding a “Pin It” button to your browser bookmark bar (where your “favorites” tab would be), so you can “pin” things no matter if you’re on Pinterest or on some other website!!! Oh yea!

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    I’m also a new Pinterest user. I am going to remodel my kitchen early next year so have used it to get ideas. I haven’t found my “ideal” kitchen yet, but have found so many things I want (front of cabinets to go straight down to the floor instead of having that indent at the bottom, storage ideas, etc.) And, of course, a ton of houses I’d rather be living in! It is fun, informative, and addictive!

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    Thanks so much for helping us with these Pin tips. I feel like I can try and tackle it today with a little more ‘umph’ 🙂 along with another cup of coffee.

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    Thank you Judy for helping me get started! I vote for you to do the tutorials and teach us as you learn..hahaha add that to your list of things to do. PAHLEEEZZEEE

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    Wendy Johnson says

    I got an email to thank me for joining the Pinterest waiting list. I’m assuming it’s like waiting to join Ravelry? I guess I wait to be invited to join. Looks like fun.

      • Reed says

        I sure could use an invite!
        I’m receanty disableled so I am doing all the housework now & I can realy use some great recipes to cook my wife

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    Your tips helped me too. I’ll just have to be careful that I don’t get sidetracked on Pinterest. I’ll follow you – you like the same things I do.

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    Since I do not and probably will not Pinterest, I thought I would tell you about something good. Contact button does not want to let me send you a message today – so here I am – I would not want anyone to get the wrong impression and think for one minute I would lead you astray, but out very own has Dimples fabric for $6.99/yard and with free shipping right now. Just thought you might want to know. Sending warmest wishes, literally, it is 68 degree here in North Carolina today. Judy C in NC

    • 14.1


      Oh, you are NOT tempting me. Remember I have a stash report to post and I am NOT adding fabric. Nope . . I am NOT! Hmmm .. I wonder if they have ALL the colors!! 🙂

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    I belong to Pinterest. I have the PIN IT thingie on my toolbar, but every time I try to pin it, I get an error code.

    I get so frustrated. I’m giving up on it, I think.

    • 16.1


      I’ve noticed that sometimes it has that 502 error for awhile and then it clears up. But sometimes it pins the thing anyway! I think it’s just new and really popular so it goes in fits and starts. I’d say it works for me about 90% of the time, though!


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    Sounds like you have it all in hand! I really didn’t “get it” when I first got on, but once I got the “Pin It” button and started playing I fell in love with it! Way better than regular bookmarks for me, since it’s so visual.

    The best part is that once you start following people, then the home page will show you the things from people you follow (when you’re logged in) instead of everything on the system so it’s like a Pinterest customized just for you!

    Also, if you want to follow someone but only follow their recipes and quilting boards, for example, and not, say, their home improvement board (just examples) you can do that, too. I love it. Glad you’re on there! 🙂


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    andrea says

    can you send me a invite to pintrest..when I tried to join I am on the waiting list and I am ready to get started!! This could be addicting!