Busy, Wet Thursday

Please don’t anyone think I’m complaining  . . I am NOT but we’ve had rain every day for the past 40 days I do believe!  No . . we have not been out to the rental to see if there’s any water in the basement.  I think it takes a really hard continuous rain to make it flood and what we’ve had is mostly non-stop drizzle and it seems like where our house is .. kinda southwest of town, this area just gets way more rain than the north part of Brownwood, or it has lately.  So, out at the lake, they may not even be getting as much rain as we’re getting.

Our weather forecast a week ago showed rain every day but today so Vince took a vacation day today to get things done and wouldn’t you know it . . it has rained almost non-stop all day.  Our ground is really sandy and within a few minutes of the rain stopping, there’s no water standing anywhere but when I looked out this morning, this is what I saw:

This is from my front porch looking towards the left — at my one little landscaped area which consists of ugly plants that the deer won’t eat.

This is from the back porch looking in the same direction as the above photo.  This is where our driveway will be some day.  The orange flags are where we asked the “call before you dig” folks to come mark the lines.  The only line marked is the telephone line and we don’t have a land line.  The electric company only marks from the meter back and not from the meter to the house.  We have our own sewer and water lines so . . the useless telephone line is marked.

This is from my front porch looking to the right.  This is obviously where our current driveway is located.  See the big puddle in the front yard?  If you enlarge that photo, you can see a survey marker.  We had to get the house surveyed with 5 acres, with 20 acres and with the whole 45 acres.  I think that is part of the 20 acre survey.

This is looking from the back porch towards the sewing room and where we park our cars.  We have developed a small stream across the way there!  We need to get in a few loads of gravel as we’re walking through sand and you know what happens . . it all gets tracked into the house.

Looking at the above picture  . . something strikes me as funny.  Must be another woman/man thing.  See the Highlander on the right?  I parked it.  Right up close to the pole so, if needed, another car could park on that end.  See the Honda on the left?  I parked it.  Right up close to the pole.  It would be tight because there’s lumber and some lights that came out of the building but another car could park there.  See the pickup?  Landed!  Right smack dab in the middle.  In MO, the Honda and the Highlander parked inside the two car section of the garage.  When Chad was home, he parked in the single car garage section and Vince’s pickup stayed out.  He would park right in the middle . . so that neither the Honda or the Highlander could get out without him moving his pickup.  I always asked him why he didn’t park to one side or the other so that on the rare occasions, we needed to go somewhere, he wouldn’t have to move the pickup before we could get out.  I don’t think I ever got an answer!

We’ve been busy today despite the rain.   It doesn’t look like we got a lot done but we did . . a whole lot of stuff moved out of the house and into the storage area.  We’re all tuckered out and it’s not even 6 p.m. yet.


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    Sharon Spingler says

    It’s been clouding up here all afternoon so we will probably get more rain (hard drizzle all day) again….or maybe snow.

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    We actually had a broken water pipe here at the rental we’re staying at. It is due to the constant wet weather and shifting land. In spite of this, I’m thankful that we are having rain. It’s been 1-1/2 years of drought. I just wish I could have a little sun because pictures are not all that great in poor lighting and I’ve been wanting to take pictures. I guess I’ll have to get Dan to make up a photo studio this weekend to achieve what I desire. LOL. 🙂

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    Beth says

    Here in the San Antonio are we are still 15″ behind our normal rainfall for the year. Our biggest fear was that when the rain came it would be hard and we’d get flooded out. Thank heavens for this slow, drizzly rain. It is coming down slow enough that the ground can absorb it and it is just now standing in places. God is good to us!

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    Sibyl Scott says

    I am so glad you are getting some much needed rain. You were saying to get some gravel for some low areas. We had tried that under our carport that was just over the grass. Well it didn’t work well, but what does is crushed concrete. It is about the same size as gravel, but for some reason it soaks up the rain, to keep it from being muddy. Just an idea.

    As far as the parking of vehicles, I understand what you are saying-I think it is a guy thing.


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    Diana in TX says

    Was at the Sewing Basket (quilt shop in Salado) today and we were discussing the fact that this summer we were praying for rain to no avail, now we would like a day of sun and drier weather! Oh yes, and a little less fog in the morning! But we will also take all the rain we can get and it’s good it’s a slow rain. Do hope we have some sunny days tho when your Mom and Dad are there. We will be in Brady again this weekend.

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    Is Vince an only child? When my husband does things like that, we joke about him being an only child and that the world really DOESN’T revolove around him. Of course I can say that since I’m number 9 of 12!

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, We are sunny here today in MO, but had a couple days of rain, cloudy skies and drizzle. BTW is kokopeli (sp?) on your property or the “big ranch” land. What is the significance of him being there? Just curious. Dar