Yummy Fruit Cake

I know what you’re thinking . . YUCK!  Not Fruit Cake!

I never liked fruit cake til I tried CJ’s recipe.  Last year I gave several of these as gifts and even those folks who vowed they didn’t like fruit cake . . they all liked this fruit cake.

They’re simple to make.  And, did I say they’re so good?

The recipe makes three loaves.  I’m making more today.  Mom and dad are going to see my aunt who lives a couple of hours from here and I’ll send one along for them to munch on while visiting with her; one for her to keep and then mom and dad can take one home with them.  Will we be on fruit cake overload by then or shall I make one more batch before Christmas?


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    Kathy says

    I made this recipe a couple of days ago and both my husband and daughter that HATE fruit cake, LOVE it. They think I need to change the name to something other than fruit cake. I soaked the fruit in rum instead of brandy. So good! thank you for providing the link.

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    Toni in TN says

    I saw this on your blog a few weeks back and made them for us. Oh, my!! They are so good. We still have one to cut into on Christmas Eve and have with egg nog. Thanks for the link.

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    Sherry says

    No such thing as fruitcake overload as far as I’m concerned but don’t ask the rest of my family. They hate the stuff. I even have a cookie that I make that has all the stuff that goes into a fruitcake and it is delicious and they freeze well so I usually have “holiday drops” well into the summer. What’s not to like?

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    I marked this one to make and then forgot it. Thanks for reminding me – I printed out the recipe and I don’t know if I will make it this year as I already made a different one – very similar but yet different. The one I made this year is not quite moist enough for me.

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    I have been looking for a good recipe for a long time, so think I will give it a try based on your observation. My DWH loves his fruit cake and usually tells everyone that he will be glad to take them off their hands if they receive one and do not know want it. Guess I gotta make him one this year. Thanks Judy for the shout out. Judy C sends warmest wishes.

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    Rose says

    I grew up with homemade fruitcake; just love it. Have tried store-bought but still prefer homemade. I will make your recipe after Christmas as don’t have all ingredients on hand right now. It tastes just as wonderful even after Christmas, and the cookies will be gone by then.

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    Hilary McDaniel says

    I made this last month and have been basting w/brandy every week.. It weighs a ton. We just tried it a while ago. Yum!
    Boy is this rich.

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    Mel Meister says

    I adore fruitcake… even the “old fashioned door stop” kind.

    I’ve saved your recipe to try. I’ll probably make it between Christmas and New Years now.

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    Maybe I’ll try this next year…IF I remember! (Maybe you’ll be making it again and will mention it on your blog then and that will remind me…LOL)

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    pdudgeon says

    fruitcake lover here! and my vote is for a second batch to munch on after Christmas, because your first batch will be gone by then. one year i made 6 fruitcakes to much on between Thanksgiving and Christmas, thinking it would be plenty. LOL, nope we came up short!

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    I love fruit cake!! I didn’t know there were others out there that did too!! A couple of questions – if you don’t want to use Brandy – what would you suggest (I’m thinging non-alcholic)? And what kind of fruit do you use (I take it you aren’t using the prepared fruitcake fruit mixes in the stores at this time of year) …. you cake looks great!

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    Oh I think you need to make another batch. After all it’s for Christmas and the Holidays. I like my family’s old fruit cake receipe (we made two batches in early October) which we baste with cognac. There is no citrus in it, not too much spice and lots of fruit. And I was going to try this one last year but ran out of time. Maybe I’ll make it this week.

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    I remember making these last year. Excellent! I also remember that I ate most of what I made and didn’t give away much. It’s a great recipe. I wonder if I could make it this year, bake it in those tiny bundt pan/cupcake like things, give away most and eat only one or two myself? Probably not. This cursed sugar problem! Have to admit though, I just took a carb pill and added a B52 to my evening coffee. I need to find some Christmas spirit(s)! ;p

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    I love fruitcake — *good* fruitcake, that is. But, delicious as CJ’s recipe looks, I really prefer a dark, spicier cake. Still, one of these days I’m going to try this one! 🙂

  15. 17


    I made this…..I saw CJ’s recipe on your blog and I made it. It is the BEST FRUITCAKE EVER. I LOVE IT. I have purchased from Collin’s Street Bakery in TX and from Cosco…..and CJ’s is even better!

    THANK YOU JUDY for sharing this. I am going to go have a piece of that fruitcake right now!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    carol c says

    i have been searching for a fruit cake like my mom use to make

    i guess i wont ever, she used rum and something else, never would share the receipe. havent found any near hers, her cake portion was dark spicey cake with all the fruit and the liquors i guess. why , the last 2 years, i have craved this food i have no idea. have tried 2 kinds this last week, wasted money.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I absolutely love fruitcake. My Mom used to make a light fruitcake and I loved it. I have the recipe but… I think I would be the only one to eat it in my house. No one else likes fruitcake. So, I usually buy a small one and eat it over the holidays. It’s not as good but it’s probably easier on my waistline.

  18. 20

    pj says

    Judy…could you tell me what brandy you used? I have none in the house and would like to buy and use one that has passed your test. Also…when buying the dried fruit…is it just dried or is it candied type of fruit? Is dry dry or sticky dry? Hope my last question is understandable. TIA

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    Linda Kay says

    I made this recipe and we love it. I soaked the fruit in apple cider. ( It’s what I had on hand). I made 6 little loaf pans and a scone pan ( makes 16 small scones) of them. I actually like the scone size the best. I used the juice drained from the fruit to soak the cakes with. Thank you so much for the recipe!

  20. 22


    I’ve never met a fruitcake I didn’t like! Other people think I’m crazy. I’m going to give this recipe a try – thanks! Beryl

  21. 23

    Rebecca says

    I chopped up my fruit last night, and can barely wait to use it! (It’ll have to be tomorrow).
    I have a Christmas bread recipe that uses candied fruit, so I’m going to have both kinds this year. 😀