Another Sock Finish

The third pair of paraphernalia socks is finished.

The gray ones were the first pair I made.  Then I made the green ones.  I’m pretty sure both the green and gray socks were made from Tosh Sock.  The gold ones, which are Bugga, were the third pair and the ones I just finished.  One sock was finished and the other one just sat on the needles since maybe June or July.  Over the weekend I was so wanting to start a new knitting project but said NO!  I’m going to finish at least two pairs of socks that are started.  The gold ones were pair #1 and I hope to finish pair #2 tonight and then I can allow myself to start a new knitting project!


  1. 1

    Roberta says

    Great colors on the socks!!!! Smart move to free up those needles before starting the next project. BTW you fruit cake was really good!!!!!

  2. 2

    SharO says

    It looks like skinny needles and skinny yarn. That makes for lots of stitches so ” Way To Go”.

  3. 3


    Love them! As fast as you knit, you should have that new project on the needles by noon and half done before bed!!! 🙂

    I’m saving my Paraphernalia sock for January’s 12 in 2012. 😉

  4. 4


    Does that finish go towards your knitting challenge??? No, wait, I don’t think that starts until 2012 so you are on your own.

    One of these days I may try knitting again. . .but it takes me so long that I just go back to my crochet.

  5. 6

    pdudgeon says

    way to go with finishing your 2011 UFO knitting projects!
    getting a clean start in the New Year is always so nice to contemplate.
    so how many new knitting projects have you got lined up for next year? made a list yet?

  6. 7


    I just down-loaded the pattern. I now have a reason to buy Madelinetosh yarn. I have needed an excuse. it will go into my 2012 challenge!!!! Great colors and great pattern. I love cables.

  7. 8

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Knowing how Judy loves Bugga! from Sanguine Gryphon, I thought I’d put a note here that anyone who’s in love with that yarn will want to read the info at SG’s website ( The yarn colorways will be divided between the two new stores, so knitters will deal with (possibly) two orders rather than one.

    I have enough bad habits already and have held off on this one, but the yarn stash is beginning to rival the fabric stash in terms of plastic storage container volume….

  8. 10


    Very nice! Love “freshly knit” socks!
    I can’t wait to see what designs you choose in 2012!

    I FINALLY am finished “enough” with house cleaning that I might go up and sew a little bit tonight…

  9. 11

    JoAn GODFREY says

    it would ALMOST, but definitely not, be worth it to try knitting again to make a pair of these. i made 2 scarves 40 years ago and decided i would rather sew. haven’t touched knitting needles since.