The Christmas Tractor

Who would ever have thought Vince would buy a tractor?  When I met him, he was a city boy driving a Mazda sports car, living in a big house with a big swimming pool in a fancy little subdivision in Georgia.  Now he’s living out in the middle of nowhere in Texas, in a tiny little house, driving an old pickup truck and has his very own tractor.  Ahhh .. the good life!  🙂

Vince and dad did their research .. though my dad has a Kubota and loves it so I knew we were going to end up with a Kubota too and yep . . it got delivered this week.

We shouldn’t lose that rascal!  It is bright!

Vince got some instructions and the Kubota delivery man was on his way.  Vince and I were going to grab some lunch and he said “let me put the tractor up” so I waited.

You can see the implement shed where he’s supposed to be putting the tractor.  Maybe he’s taking the long way to the shed.  After all .. he has a new toy!

He drives around for a few minutes.  What’s he doing?  Wake up Vince!  You’re not sitting in the recliner any more!  Seriously .. I’m standing out there and it’s cold.  He’s headed completely away from the implement shed.

Oh!  How sweet!  He went and picked up a bucket load of dirt with his new toy and he came to show me!  🙂

Yes, Vince!  You’re doing so good.  Is he heading to the implement shed with a load of dirt in the loader?

Nope!  He went back and dumped the dirt back in the dirt pile.  We’re accomplishing a lot, aren’t we?

Now it’s empty, but it’s kinda dirty!

There we go!  Into the implement shed.  This is when I pray “Dear Lord!  Please let him remember where the brakes are!”




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    Looks like Vince is having a lot of fun…..many “kids” love tractors for Christmas but few get REAL tractors!!! 🙂

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    Kathy S says

    Reading your blog is such fun! In addition to the quilts, socks and food, there is so often something to make me laugh. So glad you finally found and are enjoying your new Texas home.

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    OMG, I share a lot of what is going on with you with my DH. But there is NO way I am sharing this. If he knows Vince has a tractor and a Kubato no less, while I am just not going there.

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    Penny J Holliday says

    Judy ~ Thanks for sharing such “Christmas” joy ~ love the pics of the boy & his toy!!Happy Holidays from me in CA to you in TX!! Penny in CA

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    Sibyl Scott says

    Looks like he is happy. One thing I did notice—he is going to have to change his wardrobe. Needs some jeans, plaid shirt, and some work boots. That sweatpants, sweatshirt, and tennis shoes just isn’t gonna cut it in the country in Texas.

    He does look like he is enjoying himself.

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      Alma says

      Suspenders would complete the outfit. Santa red suspenders to start, then ones to match the other holidays!!

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    LOL, I was reading your story to my DH and we both had smiles on our faces – but Mike was saying that’s a nice toy with a gleam in his eyes – I should not have read that out loud!

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    Evelyn says

    Just in case he is wondering where the REVERSE pedal is to get it out of the shed – it is on the right hand side sort-ov UNDER the seat. Always good to know how to get the thing to go backward! I keep my bucket tipped slightly down so the rain water does not collect in it. Oh yes, he is going to have fun! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Nothing beats a good tractor! Now all you need is a backhoe attachment for it and you can do all sorts of things around the place!

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    PB from MN says

    My husband and I farm, so I can tell you that everytime a new tractor/implement is purchased I need to go out and tell him what a wonderful deal he has made. A few times he has even told me “I will let you drive it” hoping that will sway me towards a purchase. I know I will be driving it, that is part of farming. It becomes a double edge sword, since I know how to drive and operate it, I do and he gets out of a lot of tasks.
    So….when will we see a picture of you behind the wheel of the tractor!? I am so glad that thinks have taken a turn for the better with your life in Texas. Merry Christmas!

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    Kim Paventy says

    I only drove the tractor we have once, it swas at the bottom of our 10 acres and I drove the stupdi thing into the house. The breaks react realllllly slow! So Judy be careful when it’s your turn to try!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    You post made me smile! Those boys must have their toys and show off too! Melekilikimaka!

  12. 34


    Go slap a big bow on it and tell him Merry Christmas!! You probably won’t see much of him for a while. He’ll be out playing with his tractor.

  13. 36

    carol c says

    I saw a guy out in the country here today, new shiny balck pick up truck pulling out of the COvert dealership, followed him a while, and he pulled into a field and loaded the trailer up with a brand new Kubota, just like your alls. Men and their toys, but thats a really great brand and it will last too! Way to go Vince!

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    Karla says

    I had to laugh at your note because the first day my father-in-law and ex-husband got their tractor, my father-in-law couldn’t find the brake and drove the tractor through the fence and into the horse pasture. Boy was my ex mad! I never tried to get up on it and drive it… I was content with the little lawn mower much tamer 🙂

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    My husband bought a tractor about two weeks after we bought our acreage. Men and their toys…although my husband insists that it’s a tool.

  16. 39

    Doe in Mi says

    Vince looks so happy and proud sitting on that tractor. Nice tractor it is too. Thanks for the chuckle.

  17. 40


    Great story Judy. You just never fail to make us smile. Merry Christmas to a gal who has made the best of things; “bloom where you are planted.” Thanks for the blog I read EVERY day and your good example.

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    Bobbie Whittington says

    Judy, reading your blog is so much fun. If I lived in Texas I would love to spend the day with you. However, Illinois is too far away.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.