My Chariot Has Arrived

This morning the Kubota man came back with my new toy!

This is what I’ve been wanting.  I knew as soon as we got land, this was the first thing we would buy .. but I was wrong.  The tractor came first.  I whined and pouted (not really) til Vince went back to the Kubota guy and got this.

And, look at that!  It dumps!  My very own little dump truck!

With a sprayed in bed liner so I can’t scratch it up!  Oh, this is going to be so fun!

Bye for now!  I have exploring to do!  🙂


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    Melissa Crosby says

    I am so jealous! I’ve been wanting something like that for on the farm, to pick up new calves in, carry saddles to the horses, hay to the horses….I’m sure I’d think of lots of ways to use it!

    Have fun!

  2. 7


    Oh, yay!!! I saw this first on FB and asked to see a photo of you IN it and….here it is!!! How cute…..the little truck AND you!!! 🙂

  3. 8


    One question (because I can’t tell from looking at the photos)… there a passenger seat OR do I have to ride in the dump-truck portion if I come to visit you? LOL

  4. 10


    Frank and I have always said that we wanted to get several acres of land and some old retired construction equipment. We would charge admission and people could come and play and dig and drive the things around. Shovel mud, move rocks. All fun stuff.

    We think we would make a fortune!


    • 10.1

      Carolyn Thomas says

      If you didn’t live so far from Oregon, I know who would be your first customers!!! My DH and DSs!!! And maybe a grandson or two!

  5. 11


    how neat, I love that more than the tractor! I have room to drive that here – not as much land as you have but I could stay busy.

  6. 12

    shirley bruner says

    Oh….how i want one of those. hubby says i ‘need’ one. LOL i have 40 acres to drive it around on. when you come visit me…bring your toy and we’ll take turns driving it up and down the hills. i hope you still have time to quilt. hahahahaha

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Is that so you can haul your bolts of fabric and batting from the house to the quilting studio??? 🙂

  8. 16

    Alma says

    Looks like so much fun! If you keep up with these postings, Chad will come running to join in the fun. I wonder which one he would want to drive first?

  9. 17

    Kate says

    Just imagine how much fabric that little dumptruck can hold!!!! Judy, so glad you are having fun.

  10. 19

    Roberta says

    You do know that now you get to muck out the animal pens when you get them. You do have a barn to put all those animals in, right??? Great toy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 21


    How adorable! I dare not show this post to my husband who would need to have one for sure. Just don’t put any fabric in the back. . . unless you want to ‘dump it’ at MY house!!

    • 21.1


      she won’t have much left after she drives to Washington to “dump it” at my house, but I’ll be sure to send her to you when she leaves… hahahaha! 🙂

  12. 23

    pdudgeon says

    lol, i see it comes with a cattle guard on the front bumper.
    bet that will come in handy when you do your mail runs each day. and it has a horn too, right? you’ll be hearding deer and calves in no time at all.

    so when are you gonna take roping and branding lessons?

  13. 28


    Every time I see one of your recent posts, with you looking so happy and content, it reminds me that good things come to those who wait. I know all of your readers felt the frustration and anxiety you went through before finding this house. Now we can all take a deep breath and enjoy it with you. I’m waiting for the day the chickens and the bees arrive.

    • 28.1

      Judy Laquidara says

      Thanks Katie. Most days I knew things would work out but I never dreamed they would work out this nice.

  14. 29

    Perry says

    I love this, but I am very curious. From your blog postings,I think you really wanted this for a certain purpose, but I am not sure what that is? I think between this and the tractor you and Vince have something specific in mind. Can’t wait to find out. I am afraid this may sound mean or hateful but it is not meant that way, I am really just curious, lol. Whatever it is, it looks like lots of fun!

    • 29.1

      Judy Laquidara says

      We’ll use them for various farm tasks but they’re just toys that landowners need these days.

      • perry says

        I was hoping I could figure out a good reason to need one in the city, really cute and I want one! I don’t think my yard is big enough. Guess I will have to ask you if I can come visit, 🙂

  15. 31


    Can you see how green I am? Lol. I even showed the picture of you in the Kubota to Don. I have been begging for something similar for several years. He *said* that’s what the John Deere lawnmower/trailer is for. Hmph!

  16. 34


    Think I have my husband convinced we need one too. We have lots of farm equipment that I can’t use for what I want to use this for, as if I could run it anyway – ha!

  17. 35


    You look like a natural on that thing! Texas was meant to be! I am so happy for you! Can’t wait until Chad can get video of you on that and Vince on his tractor at the same time! A Dream Come True!!!

  18. 36

    carol c says

    really kewl
    looking at some property in ky last nite, could use this there if i ever get back there-lol

  19. 38

    Charlotte Betts says

    Our first purchase when we bought our land was a Kubota tractor for my husband. We have only 2 acres so the 4 wheeler works just fine for us. Men and their toys! Of course, the first building on our property was a 40×60 metal building to park his tractor and other toys in. My new home wasn’t built for another 7 years.

  20. 39

    Quiltgranny Sharon says

    We had a John Deere Gator At our last two houses with acreage. I was given it as a birthday preset, and I just loved it! It’s really the only thing I miss since moving from our “land” to a small retirement house in the city. I know it will become your favorite!

  21. 41


    YAY! Congratulations on your new arrival!
    That looks like some serious fun! Will this be
    your “taxi” to & from your sewing studio?

  22. 44

    Darlene S says

    I love it.!! That would have worked great at my house to help in my huge garden. My DH suggested maybe a golf cart would work for me — nahhhh – yours is so much cuter!!! I’m going to get to Texas yet!!! 🙂

  23. 45

    Penny J Holliday says

    Love it! You look so good in ur new Kabota! Conratulations on your new “baby” er I mean toy!! Enjoy!!

  24. 46

    Penny J Holliday says

    Love it! You look so good in ur new Kabota! Conratulations on your new “baby” er I mean toy!! Enjoy!!

  25. 47

    Penny J Holliday says

    Love it! You look so good in ur new Kabota! Conratulations on your new “baby” er I mean toy!! Enjoy!!

  26. 48


    Oh I am just green. My studio is farther from my house than yours is so I REALLY need one. Had been thinking golf cart but this is so much better. And while I don’t have the acres to explore you do – I do have 3 1/2 to putz around on plus lots of woods with trails in back of me. I guess I need to start singing the “Santa Baby” song for next year already!! LOL

  27. 49

    Bessie Hardison says

    This is just like mine except mine is camo. It is the best thing we ever got for the farm, that I use anyway. Just the thing for checking on Mama cows during calving season. I make 2 round trips a day over a couple hundred acres from late February to mid April. Speck will love to ride with you. My two dogs run ahead to get on anytime I head in the direction of the shop. This is so much easier on my knees than a four-wheeler. I never could get the hang of steering a four wheeler in close quarters. Yes, it is great for running down to the mail box, gardening, fencing, just about anything you do outside it will be indispensable . Mine sets right outside my back door all day and just gets put up at night. Congratulations!

  28. 50


    I really, really need one of these since all of the yard work has become my responsibility. So happy for you and Vince. Now how large is your garden going to be?

  29. 51

    Doe in Mi says

    Oh how wonderful is that. What a ton of fun for you. You two sure had yourselves a Merry Christmas, yes you did.

  30. 52


    Oh how cool! It’s so ‘you,’ Judy! I can imagine a hundred uses for that around here, and I only have 1/4 acre. ;p I love the dump feature. Beats having to wheelbarrow all to heck. Have fun exploring on your new rig.