Vacuum Cleaner

A while back I had asked for recommendations about a vacuum cleaner and wanted to spend less than $200.  Everyone was suggesting a Dyson with a pet hair feature that was over $400 and I just wasn’t going to pay that but the more I looked online, the more frustrated I got.  There are so many vacuums with so many features and it’s been forever since I had to buy a vacuum cleaner.  I had a Rainbow that lasted forever and a day and then had the central vac that came with the house in MO so finally, I just said to Mr. Super Shopper (Vince):  Honey, will you find me a vacuum cleaner?  I want one that works with pet hair, that works with hard floor and with carpet and I want to spend less than $200.  Ahhh . . Vince was on a mission.  He researched, read Consumer Report, read customer reviews and decided on the LG LuV300B, which after a rebate or coupon, was a good bit less than $200.  What’s funny, is that after it arrived, I noticed it’s one of the things advertised in the BlogHer ads in my sidebar.

It arrived before my parents got here and because Fed Ex didn’t have the gate code yet, I drove down to the gate to get it and it’s been in the back of my car til yesterday when I threatened to give up cooking and everything else that makes my husband happy if he didn’t get that blasted vacuum cleaner out of my car and put it together.  Yes . . don’t tell me . . you would have done it yourself.  If I do something like that once, it’s my job forever and I don’t need another job around here!  🙂

I love this vacuum cleaner.  I think Vince loves it too.  It is quite a vacuum cleaner for the price.

I think Vince loves it too!

It comes apart!  Kinda like an Erector set!  This could be fun if it wasn’t mainly for cleaning house!

This piece telescopes.  Great!  Now I can get that moth off the wall that Vince killed and left up there to petrify!

Get a good look because we’ll probably never see him with a vacuum cleaner in his hand again.  And, if we do, he probably won’t look nearly so happy.

I’m not recommending this vacuum cleaner yet.  I’ll use it for a while and then let you know what I think.  So far, I will tell you that it has about 10 times more sucking power than the central vac did; the cord is a mile long – which I love.  Not sure if you can see how much dirt is in the canister but it’s mostly just sand and it’s from one narrow, long runner type rug!

I’ll do an update on the LG LuV300B in a few months.


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    Hilary McDaniel says

    It looks a lot like my Dyson. I love a good vacuum. Being on a dirt road, mine fills up fast. I keep mine telescoped a lot as I can clean between cracks and under cabinets so easy that way. I did check your listing and it’s considerably higher than $200. The usual price is the same as the Dyson. How did you get it so much less?????? My gf would love one.
    PS I like your blue much better than my yellow

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    that one looks like the dyson that I got about 4 years ago, priced about the same too – hope you like it, mine still works ok, but not as great as I had hoped it would.,

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    I hope you love it and that it works well for a long time! I’m still using an Electrolux canister vac purchased by my parents in 1959. (Bags are getting harder to find, but one of the sewing machine stores 40 miles away still carries them.) I used my Hoover carpet sweeper for over 30 years, and then they stopped making those bags. I’ve been thru way too many carpet sweepers since then. I hope you have a lot better luck than I’ve had with the new ones. I’ll look forward learning how long it works well.

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    At my knitting group a few of them have bought robot vacuums. Our house is not really set up for a robot, so the human has to do it!
    What flooring are you having in your sewing room? I have carpet and I hate it. There is so much stuff in there though, I don’t know that I dare ask my husband if I can have laminate!

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    Frank the V-Man as he is known in my dog circles, is eagerly awaiting your assessment of the LG LV300. He has been looking for a vac that is easy to take apart. The Hoover we have now is great but not so easy to take apart when something gets stuck.

    Now that Dutch (the massive double coated shedder) is gone, there is not as much dog hair to pick up. But it still does not stay clean……


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    Claudia Wade says

    Judy – I can hardly wait to hear how you like your new vacuum. I need a new one too because I can’t stand the whole house vac that my dh put in. It is too hard to use with the miles of hose getting in my way.

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    Sandy says

    I bought my current vacuum cleaner 15 years ago and I’m not sure it will last much longer. It uses bags that I can only find at Ace Hardware now. I’ve never had an upright or a bagless vacuum cleaner and some of my floors are carpeted and other have hard surfaces, so I look forward to your report! I’m frequently vacuuming because of the dog hair.

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    I had never heard of that brand of vacuum cleaner before so I’m waiting along with everyone else for your assessment of it. I have a light weight Oreck upright and really like it…good sucking power and it does loose threads and cat hair. Before that I had a Dirt Devil that didn’t like either threads or cat hair. What good is that for someone who sews and has two cats?? The only problem with the Oreck is that it goes through belts like crazy. I always have to keep a couple on hand.

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    Judy in Upstate NY says

    I have the purple animal hair Dyson and LOVE it!. We live in the country and are currently owned by 5 Labrador Retrievers (yes, they are in the house when we are) and 3 cats . It has done a wonderful job on all the dog hair, cat hair and quilting debris for about 6 years now. Hope your new vacuum works as well as mine does!

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    There’s nothing like a good vacuum. I have a Dyson Animal — have had it for about eight years (I think). It does one heck of a job, and you can take it apart and snap it back together easily if anything gets caught in it. So much suction, that it nearly raveled one of my throw rugs one day! If it ever dies, I’m buying one just like it.

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    Barbara Green says

    I’d take the little truck as my Christmas gift over the vacuum!
    Oh, I forgot – you said no gifts this year! We got new laminate floors in the dining and living rooms as our gifts this year!

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    Lori says

    I have the animal Dyson (got 6yrs ago) still in love with it, the only thing I didn’t like was the attachment for the furniture. I just got another Dyson the new canister, so the attachment is great for the furniture, so I’m happy with both, with six very long furred animals. Still amazed how much fur it pulls out of the carpet and furniture, they both do hardwood floors. Enjoy your new toy, maybe Vince will do the floors for you.

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    i seriously want your opinion on that vacume cleaner after you use it for a while. we desperately need one that WORKS around our house! we have bought so many of them in the past and they all just poop out on us. too much dog and cat hair, i guess, even though now we are down to 1 cat and 1 dog. all the ones we have had either clog up immediately, don’t have suction, or the motor dies.

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    I prefer to just not vacuum at all…

    Ok, while that may be the truth, we still have dirt, so using the vacuum is a must. We have central vac, and I love it. If this ever stops working, I planned to get a dyson. However… I’m a huge researcher, so I’ll be curious to hear how you like your new toy (calling it a “toy” may make vacuuming more fun, huh?)!


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    I need a new vacuum too. We have a canister vac because I thought it would be easier on the stairs but we hate getting it out – its heavy. I’ll wait to see how you like this one before running out to replace mine 🙂

  16. 18

    Connie says

    Ok, please please keep me posted. We need a new one. I was actually wandering thru Target yesterday waiting on prescriptions and walked passed their vacuums and was wondering if you ever got one and what it was and if you liked it. So, vacuum away and let me know. Oh, and on a separate topic, you know I’m a city girl but I could almost live in the country if I had your new toy to ride on!

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    Oh yes please do an update review in a month or two Judy, I need a new vac, my 30+yr. old Eureka Commercial is loud & HEAVY – I have all hard floors & throw rugs. Living in the desert though there is LOTS of dust & or dog leaves way less hair around than I do!

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    Oh yes please do an update review in a month or two Judy, I need a new vac, my 30+yr. old Eureka Commercial is loud & HEAVY – I have all hard floors & throw rugs. Living in the desert though there is LOTS of dust & or dog leaves way less hair around than I do!

  19. 21


    I broke down and got a Oreck. It was NOT $200, (although, we did buy a 2nd for $200…less features..) I do love it! Light weight, long cord, self propelled, a light, etc. I had an Electrolux for 20 years (still have it) and my mom’s Electrolux., (40 years) which is upstairs, and downstairs, and use the Oreck on the main floor. I thought I would miss the hose, but it is no big deal for me to just go around with the small vac, and get in the corners (where all the hair ACTUALLY hides…) and having good tools that make our lives easier, is just LOGICAL.

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    Sheila says

    Consider me another in search of a decent vacuum! I was actually going to buy a Dyson that was on sale locally, but I spent the money on yarn and quilt stuff. lol I hope we hear about it soon.

    Also… where did you get the rebate or coupon?