Auction Quilt Needed

Several weeks ago while talking to a friend here, I learned that they have a foundation to help underprivileged children.  I’m not sure of all the details but they told me some of the help they provide and they have an auction in the spring.  They’ve done some very nice things for us recently so I told them I would make a quilt for the upcoming auction.  Then I remembered most of my fabric has been neatly repacked crammed into boxes, taped shut and is waiting to be delivered to the new sewing room.  Before you ask how it’s going . . it’s the painters . . still holding us up!  I’m so frustrated with them.  They’re supposed to be here this afternoon and Vince is here and he’s ready for a heart to heart discussion with them.

Yesterday I asked the friend whether the quilt should be something with a Texas sports theme, or hunting related or pretty.  The wife said “pretty”!   This morning I woke up thinking about a quilt I could make for my friends’ foundation.  To get started I did a bit of research for the color trends for 2012.  I found lots of “heritage” type colors . . muted tans, browns, greens, grays . . some rusts.  Seems as though my stash isn’t going to pass the 2012 color trends test! 🙂

My work area is still the bed.  Do you know how happy I will be to get into the new sewing room?  Darned those painters!

I did come up with this plan:

Not sure if it will get made for the auction or if I’ll give them something that’s already made but this one reminds me of Texas — looking at aerial shots of the land; seeing all the different plots of land, and the border reminds me of the meandering creeks.  I like the design and it was a good way to waste the morning . . I love Electric Quilt!



  1. 1

    Tina says

    I love EQ too! I’ve been doing a Block of the Month for my guild, and I couldn’t do it without EQ. Not even close. I really like this quilt. It could be masculine or neutral. Very nice.

  2. 4

    Sheri G says

    i love your design. I’m amazed at all you accomplish. If I were a betting girl, my money would be on you finishing this in time. 🙂

  3. 7


    Like it!! Qualifies as pretty for a woman or masculine enough for a man. And to heck with color trends, most people don’t know and don’t care. If it pleases you it will please someone else enough to want to own it.

    Held up by painters when all the framing and drywalling went so well. You’d have been better off to do the painting yourself. It would be done by now. I do all my own painting and always have. I’m not the greatest at cutting in, but that’s what masking tape is for. 🙂 Hope Vince’s heart to heart with them lights a fire under ’em.

  4. 8

    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    I love this quilt. Isn’t it about time for another “quilt-a-long”? I also love the colors. It has more of a masculine feel to me and I don’t make enough of those type quilts.

  5. 9

    Melissa Crosby says

    I love this quilt! I also love that it is more masculine, but pretty enough for a woman! LOVE it!

  6. 11

    Ellie says

    Really like this one!

    If your stash doesn’t match the 2012 color forcast you may have to do some fabric shopping. What a shame!

  7. 12

    Frieda Z says

    Judy, The pantone color of the year is tangerine orange. It is a pretty bright color that I am sure you have some of. Love your EQ quilt!

  8. 14


    Love that quilt design! Those are my colors but I agree it has a very Texas feel. This would be pretty in brights too ( my colors of choice). Thanks for sharing – you do wonderful things with EQ.

  9. 20

    Mel Meister says

    I like the design but 2012’s colors are certainly not “me”! LOL!

    I would make this quilt in other colors.

  10. 21

    Sharon Spingler says

    I like the design. Do you have any idea how big they are wanting the quilt to be?

    I got the EQ7 (far better than the 5) but still trying to get around it.

  11. 22

    Ann says

    I really like the quilt on the bed. Couldn’t you make it 56 x 76 or 60 x 80? I would also make this quilt in other colors.
    Very generous of you, as always.

  12. 23


    That’s a terrific quilt! Did you see Gene Black’s recent blog posts (2 of them) about how wonderfully-received the donated quilts were when he delivered them to the home for girls?

    • 23.1


      No! I didn’t see it. Need to go check it out. Haven’t had much blog reading time lately and I miss knowing what’s going on in blogland.

  13. 24

    Jan O in St. Louis says

    Great quilt design – Love it!
    I agree, it looks like landscape viewed from above.
    About color – I’m still seeing brights from the fashion trend forecasting services for Spring 2013, including neon. Also lots of pastels for Spring ’13 too, inspired by what the designers showed on the runways for Spring 2012. Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2012 is “Tangerine Tango,” a very saturated reddish orange. Try it with other sunset colors including lilac and deep purple. Or think “Tropical Island” and try it with other brights such as turquoise, golden yellow, magenta, and lime green. Bet you have some of those in your stash! Or with pale grey, charcoal, navy and white (I know, not your usual colors). 🙂
    That’s what I love about EQ – playing with color combos!

  14. 28

    pdudgeon says

    now you’ve got me curious about the quilt on your bed in the pic. do you have a pattern for that one anywhere?

  15. 29

    lindap in il says

    Very cool quilt design! I agree with the dark, muddy colors not being me either. Last year I was very inspired by the red and white quilt exhibit in NYC, and did several small quilts in R & W. I did my annual flowers in those colors and my Christmas decorating was all red and white…Love it…it was sooo easy. Now I’m looking for new colors…nothing muted, I like clear, well defined color.
    I don’t reply often, but I enjoy keeping up with you and Vince.
    I may even do the UFO challenge, but it will be without a blog.
    Happy New Year!

  16. 30


    I love your quilt design. It is a wonderful quilt in the colors that you used; but I can see it just as easily in really bright colors — or even pastels.

    As for the colors for 2012 — I don’t know too many people that redo their rooms to follow color trends so going with your color scheme should work with most of the households current decor.

    In any case, from attending “mud sales” in Lancaster County, PA I can tell you that a well made quilt is always sought after!

    If not a quilt-a-long perhaps you could be enticed to offer the pattern for sale?

  17. 31

    HeideW says

    I love this design! I second the thought of a QAL. This design would be perfect for the new SIL that will be joining our family on 7/4/2012.
    Hope those painters hurry up!

  18. 32

    laceflower says

    It has a Texas vibe about it and looks quite masculine. LOVE EQ. In fact I need to get on it, this month’s challenge is due and I have not even started!

  19. 33

    Suzanne says

    Love this new pattern maybe you could use it in the palette challenge for 2012…so much fabric so little time! Happy New Year to you and Vince.