New Socks

In the past week or so I’ve finished two pairs of socks.  Both were started before we moved. The gold Paraphernalia socks got finished.  Paraphernalia – that’s a word that if I stop in the middle of typing it, I have to back space and start completely over — cannot pick up where I left off and keep going.  Good thing the socks weren’t that way!

Christmas night, I finished these.

I think it’s Debbie Bliss yarn and it feels so good but it was a bit slippery on my needles.  My favorite needles are Quicksilver by Susan Bates.  They’re fairly inexpensive and even though I’ve tried others, some outrageously expensive and some not, I always come back to the Quicksilver needles and wonder why I tried anything new.  Everyone has their preferences and Quicksilver is mine.

Having finished two socks to complete two pairs brought me to the big decision making process of what to make next.

In my Ravelry queue and favorites, there were about 3 dozen sock patterns.  I narrowed it down to these:


Or Jeck

Or, Cranberry Tort

The winner, and the next pair of socks I’ll start is Olympic Copper

The yarn I’m using  is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock and the color is Nighmare’s Night Out!  How fun is that?


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    Hilary McDaniel says

    I sure wish you’d do a tutorial on socks. I have a hard time starting and I’d love to figure out how to do them on circulars instead. I also don’t like the way the toes turn out. I haven’t made but 2 pairs, but the first shrunk up to a small size and the next looked like pixie feet. I have a ton of sock yarn and can’t get enthused.

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    Thanks for sharing these! I now have a few more designs to pick from for the challenge. I love the socks you just finished–funny thing–they are almost exactly like the socks I’m working on right now, same design and almost the same colors in the yarn.

  3. 6

    Joanna says

    Never have knitted socks, but would love to try an easy pair. Do you like top-down better than toe-up patterns? Round needles or double pointed??

    Thanks, Joanna

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Great looking socks you finished. I was just looking at the Tadpole socks on Ravelry yesterday – they have a very interesting looking pattern. But Olympic Copper is printed off and on my ever growing list of socks to make.

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    your mention of susan bates brings me back to when i was a little girl and i used to go through my great grandmother’s sewing basket. she had these packages of needles in there that were susan bates brand. they had a bright picture on the cover, i think it was yellow, and a picture of smiling woman with a needle and thread in her hand. at least that’s what i remember…

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    Love those socks and can’t wait to see the photo when the next pair are complete! How long does it take you to finish a pair (normally)?

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    Eve in GA says

    Great choice, Judy! I’m going to spend a little more time looking at the other patterns, too.
    After seeing this post earlier today, I HAD to go ‘find’ “Eat, Sleep, Knit”. They’re only 15 miles from my house. 3 skeins of Madelintosh Merino Light followed me home. One each of “La Vie en Rose”, “Mica”, and “Amber Trinket”. Also got 3 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd’s Sock yarn in the “Andersonville” colorway. I am one HAPPY shopper!! LOL! I wish I’d known sooner that they are so close to me, but I’m sure Don is glad I didn’t know before now. LOL!! Eve

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    Sheila says

    Pretty socks to choose from. I had a couple of them saved as Faves on ravelry, so I’ll add the others. I’m looking forward to the Sock Challenge!