New Camera Lens

Not that I need to tell you, but I am NOT a photographer and my pictures leave a lot to be desired but I love taking pictures.  Using the tripod would help but it’s probably packed with my knitting blocking wires and I haven’t seen it since the move but . . a couple of weeks ago I saw an ad (on my own blog no less) for the Tamron 18-270 mm lens.  I do not like changing the lens on the camera!   I mostly keep the 18-55 mm lens on the camera because that works for photos in the kitchen or sewing room and some outside shots.  I have a 55-200 mm lens that I should be using for taking the photos of the wildlife outside but .. did I say that I hate changing the lens?  I had decided to put the 55-200 lens on the D40, stick it on the tripod when I find the tripod and keep the 18-55 on the D3100 that I mostly use.  Oh . . in case you don’t recognize those numbers, I love my Nikons.

When I saw the ad for the 18-270 mm lens, I thought . . that could solve my problem!  I can use it for inside shots and wildlife shots so I ordered it. When it arrived, I was pretty disappointed in the packaging.  I could have ordered it from Amazon for the same price but I’ve ordered from Adorama for years and decided to go with them.  I wasn’t real happy with them on this order!  Thankfully, all my parts were still in the box and the lens seems ok.

It was totally not the fault of UPS.  Adorama had a small box inside a bigger box, with very little packing materials to fill the box and very little tape on the box.  I’m truly surprised the contents didn’t spill out completely.

But, the lens is wonderful!  It’s a bit heavier than the 18-55 mm lens but not much heavier and not so much that it’s a problem for carrying around or taking shots.  I just took it out and played with it a bit, with nothing really to photograph.

The next two photos were taken with me standing in the exact same spot. In this first shot, this is the whole area, looking towards the implement shed with the shop/sewing room to the right.

In this photo, I zoomed in on the tractor, still standing all the way back near the house.

Then I took a close up of a cactus .. told you there wasn’t anything out there to photograph!  🙂

Then I took a picture just looking off in the distance at nothing and focused on the little clump of trees.

The real test will be when the deer are here this evening!  So far, I think this lens is going to be the one lens I keep on the camera for almost everything!


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    Are those flower buds on the cactus? The last shot is nice – great focus/ depth of field. The evening shot of the deer should be fun.

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    I have a Tameron 18 to 270 lens for my Canon 20D, it was the first lens I asked for once the move was made to a DSLR. I love it. Unless Kiddo borrows it for her Canon Rebel, it’s the lens most likely to be on my camera (fixed that problem this Christmas, she got her own 18 to 270 lens from Santa).

    Have fun playing with your new toy.

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    Linda Beasley says

    That is what’s left after the flower is through blooming. That’s what you use to make the cactus jelly. Usually referred to as “cactus apples”.

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    That box certainly doesn’t look healthy; so glad your lens was safe and sound! My DH orders from Adorama all the time too, but has never rec’d anything in a box that beaten up. I wonder if they had ‘Christmas help’ that didn’t know how to pack correctly, lol. I’m sure you’ll enjoy using the new lens and I look forward to seeing those deer shots 🙂

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    Very nice, Judy! Like Liz, I also like the depth of field you get with this one… Having the trees in focus and the background blurred somewhat gives a beautiful effect!

    When I finally get a f/t hospital job, I’m getting a Nikon! My good friend, who is an amazing photographer, uses Nikon as well.

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    Karla says

    It seems as if one lens will do all the shots were great, can’t wait to see a close up of the deer.

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    laceflower says

    That packing of a delicate piece of equipment is not acceptable. You can’t see if the lenses are out of kilter. If you are testing the lens with your posted shots, the first two are out of focus.
    I always use the term ‘shooting’ when talking about taking photographs, but as you are in Texas, ‘photographing’ is probably your wise choice.

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    Now “Laceflower” comments are funny. I too know and love Texas but she hit the nail on the head. so to speak And Judy, I love just looking at your property–how long we have waited for this moment!

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    I had a 28-300 lens I always kept on my old camera. I now have a 55-250 on there, but I got a NICE small camera for Christmas, so I use that in the house, but it too has a 14x zoom, so have been using it a lot. I have Canons, just because I started with them, and know the software and dials. I like them both, Canon and Nikon and I recommend both when people ask. Have fun, abut I know what you mean, I got the new camera, and haven’t found much to photograph either! But we are heading to Colorado next week, so HOPEFULLY I will get some nice shots.