The UFO Lists

The link list for adding the UFOs closed last night but several have asked if they could still join so I opened the list back up for just a few days. If you’re wanting to play along with the UFO Challenge, please get your list posted.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, please click on the orange quilt box in the left sidebar.  Thanks!

January, 2012 UFO Challenge

Lots of new things beginning today, including the UFO Challenge. The number chosen to be done in January is:


If you completed your project for December, please share a link to it here.

Color Palette Challenge – January, 2012

Thanks again to Vicki Welsh for providing the palette and challenge prizes, as well as some color lessons throughout this year.  I’m so excited about this challenge!  Here’s the January palette:

The photo is one Vicki took in the V&A Museum of tiles from an English ship. These were made in 1882 by Architectural Pottery Company, Poole, UK.

Remember that you can make anything you want to make — something large or something small; a tote, a postcard, a table runner, a quilt — you make anything you want to make.  It’s supposed to be fun, as well as challenging, so if you’re already thinking that these aren’t your colors or not what you have in your stash — that’s the whole purpose of the challenge!  Go raid a friend’s stash if you have to come up with a few pieces of fabric in these colors.

On February 1 the next challenge palette will be posted, along with a link box so you have til then to get it done!