Color Palette Challenge – January, 2012

Thanks again to Vicki Welsh for providing the palette and challenge prizes, as well as some color lessons throughout this year.  I’m so excited about this challenge!  Here’s the January palette:

The photo is one Vicki took in the V&A Museum of tiles from an English ship. These were made in 1882 by Architectural Pottery Company, Poole, UK.

Remember that you can make anything you want to make — something large or something small; a tote, a postcard, a table runner, a quilt — you make anything you want to make.  It’s supposed to be fun, as well as challenging, so if you’re already thinking that these aren’t your colors or not what you have in your stash — that’s the whole purpose of the challenge!  Go raid a friend’s stash if you have to come up with a few pieces of fabric in these colors.

On February 1 the next challenge palette will be posted, along with a link box so you have til then to get it done!


  1. 1

    Do all the colors in the challenge need to be in the piece??? I like these so there is no problem there. ;-)

  2. 3

    That’s very interesting. White is such a big part of the inspiration photo that I am surprised it’s not part of the color palette. Did Ms Welch give you her thoughts on that?

  3. 6

    I love the colors as well! I’m not sure I have the time to join in this month but I will look forward to everyone’s creation!!! How exciting…

  4. 7
    Bev in NC says:

    I saw a quilt today that was made from various star blocks and thought I would like to make one. I think I will do my color challenge in star blocks, then join them at the end of the year for a quilt. As long as I use a common background, it should come together well. Some months, I may even do 2 blocks.

  5. 8

    This looks like lots of fun for sure! THANKS!

    I love starting the new year with a challenge!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  6. 9

    Love the colors, this will be a fun challenge! Thanks Judy!

  7. 10

    For some reason, I am unable to post a comment on Vicki’s blog, so here goes….

    Vicki – may we have your permission to post a copy of your photo, with a link to your blog post, when we are posting our results for this challenge?


    • 11

      I switched to a different laptop and my problem with posting a comment seems to be a hang-up with IE9. So, this request is now on both blogs….

  8. 12

    OK, I think I am up for this one. Last year I started Vicki’s journal quilt challenge doing one small quilt a month. I did really well through May and then just fell by the wayside. I think I will use the color challenge to either complete last years or start anew. I loved having small quilts to display. And small quilts do not get in the way of ongoing larger projects, much.

  9. 13

    I’m so excited to get started! What lovely antique tiles and color palette.

  10. 14
    Becky in VA says:

    Count me in!

  11. 15
    Carol Harper says:

    By gosh, I actually have those colors (or close) in my stash. I’m thinking crazy quilt blocks, embellished and beaded! Killing three challenges with one: Bead Joural Project 2012, Crazy Quilt Journal Challenge 2012, and the palette challenge!

  12. 20

    the colors are amazing..thanks Judy and Vicki for doing this…

  13. 21

    I’m thinking of making a 12″ block each month from the palette and putting them together as a quilt at the end of the year. Should be colorful! Thanks, Judy!

  14. 22

    Love the palette, and the challenge – thanks Ladies!

  15. 23

    Just found out about this challenge! Looks exciting, anything special you need to do to join in, or is it too late?