Sock #1 for 2012 Finished

Yes!  It was finished on January 1.  I know . . my stamp still says 2011.  I make those things once a year and forget how to make them and it takes me an hour or more to figure it out.  I did finally figure it out and I made them for 2013 too, but not before the sock pictures were stamped with “2011”.

Here’s my Olympic Copper socks — my first finish of the year.

The picture below more accurately shows the color but the picture above shows the cables better.  The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock and it’s one of my favorites to knit with and for wearing.

Not sure what’s next but I need to get started if I’m going to keep up with Denise!  Seriously, I know that I need to get a few pairs in the “bank” because during spring and summer, my knitting time will be greatly diminished by my garden and chickens and ripping through the woods on the RTV . . or, am I dreaming again?

Anyone else making progress on your 2012 knitting?


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    Karen says

    I went to my favorite Colorado yarn shop and picked up some yarn and pattern for a cute sweater. Started it last Wednesday – making good progress. I have a sock and half of the other one done and 3 sweaters in various stages. My daughter gave me a new sock pattern book for Christmas – it has some beautiful patterns – waiting until I get home to start a pair. I think I’m going to do the 1st qtr Loopy Ewe challenge this year. Had hoped to visit their new site while we are here but it’s not open for business until later this month. I’ll stop there on our next trip to CO.

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    I doubt if I can keep up with you (I’m behind already), but did finish my first sock for 2012 last night and have the second on the needles.

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    Sherry says

    I’m a new sock knitter and am working on my third pair. My question to you is…how do you wash and dry your hand knit socks? I have been tossing them into a mesh zippered bag and throwing them with my regular wash on cold/cold cycle. Then I drape them over my shower curtain rod to dry. Also, my first two pairs are all wool but this pair is prettier and softer but it’s also part bamboo and I heard somebody say that bamboo doesn’t wear as well. Any opinions?

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      I have never knit socks before, but I have BOUGHT bamboo socks and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They are the softest socks I’ve ever owned!

      My SIL has made me a couple pair of hand knit socks, and I have to admit I put ’em in the dryer and they do just fine. Maybe I need to stop doing that….? Uh-Oh!

      • Sherry says

        Brandy, the class where I learned to make socks was so much fun but the teacher told us to always hand wash the socks and dry them flat. While I did that at first, I found that I didn’t want to wear them because of the time it took to care for them like that. They are now in the wash every week and don’t seem to be any worse for wear.

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    Roberta says

    You might want to check with Cooperative Extension for garden starting in your area. I would think February might be good for cold crops. Warm things would be getting fried in July there with the heat.
    Love the socks BTW!!!!!!!

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    I finally finished my Cranford Mitts. I’ll try to put a pic up on my blog later today. They were a fun project, but it took me a while to get my knitting legs back under me and I must have ripped the first one out 10 times before I finally decided it was good enough and to just keep going. The second one only took me a day to finish. I love them. Nothing like having warm wrists and palms, but I have to take them off when I’m advancing the quilting machine because they always get caught in my side clamps. Oh well. Not that much effort! I think I may try that simple cardigan next.

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    I’ve lost my mind… I have THREE pairs of socks going at once! I have a pair for DH that I just finished the foot on the first one. These are my priority right now… he wants them for hunting so I need to get them finished before hunting season is done! There is a pair for me using Glisten yarn, but it has cables up the sides (My first try at cable knitting= very slow going!) and I am a little over half-way up the foot. This can NOT be worked on unless I am paying close attention, so it is not a good travel project for me. SOOOO… I started another pair for me that is a no-brainer, so I can haul it with me. I am almost done with the first sock. GEE… I wish I had something to do in all of my SPARE time! HAHA!

    Kat in Tamale Land

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Overachiever!!! ROFLOL I can see this will be a toe to toe challenge! 🙂 I’m nearly ready to start the heel on the second V Junkie sock and I just found my socktoberfest socks (not finished during socktober obviously) which just needs the toe finished on the second sock – don’t know why they got buried. You’re off to an excellent start – one pair down and so far no yarn buying!

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    I turned the heal last nite of sock 1 of a pair. Using Trekking, and older skein. Red and blue, mostly red the blue fades in and out, like Trekking.

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    This may not be on the up and up for Denise’s challenge but I am almost finished Christmas Stocking #2 for one of our daughters and her boyfriend. This is going to be my first “pair” for the 2012 challenge. I should finish it tonight or tomorrow.
    I love the color and the pattern. I think I may try Paraphenalia next.


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    I’m almost to the point of turning the heels on a pair of socks that I’m making for a good friend. I took the socks, toe up, to her today to check the length.

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    Diana in TX says

    Does it count if I’m taking the yarn, needles etc with me tomorrow so if I gert tired of sewing I can try to knit my first pair of socks! I do want to give it a try and should have evenings to give it a whirl.Now back to packing!

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    Diane C says

    Love the socks!! I mostly do quilting and cardmaking, but recently, as in Dec. 2011, had the urge to knit again. I’m working on fingerless gloves now. DH asked if they make those for feet too. Maybe I’ll try a pair of cozy socks for him!! If he’s very good.