The QOV Donation Winner

I’ve heard from Alycia and she received 49 quilts from Patchwork Times readers.  Thank you all for stepping up at the busy time of the year when more QOV quilts were so needed.  Even though our troops are out of Iraq, quilts are still needed so please continue making them if you can.

The winner will receive 2 yards of Vicki‘s gorgeous hand dyed fabrics, a $50 gift certificate from me from the Fat Quarter Shop, as well as one of my own quilts to be sent to the winner.

The winner is:  Ila Magut

I have sent Ila an email and I know she will love her gifts.  Thanks again to all who sent quilts — 49 quilts is a LOT of quilts!


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    I’m impressed! And thank you for doing this – I know it means a lot to a lot of people. That being said, just because we’re out of Iraq doesn’t mean that there aren’t any more service members getting injured – Afghanistan is just as deadly, if not more. It’s a much harder environment to work in in a lot of ways, for personnel, vehicles, aircraft, etc. The terrain is harder, the weather is more extreme, and it’s a lot easier for bad guys to hide out and do harm to those we love. Keep the quilts coming – we military members do appreciate them! I hope I never need one, but if I ever do, it will remind me that there are people out there who care enough about us to send us their love, one stitch at a time.

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    I am just beginning my first QOV and I appreciate all of the inspiration I have found so thank you. And yes, I hope quilters will continue to create these very special quilts. Many of our military members are still ‘in the trenches’. Our boy is slated to be deployed to Afghanistan in February.

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    Judy, thanks for challenging us to send more quilts to Alycia. I had several that I was going to wait and send in 2012, but I packaged them up and got them to her in 2011. For those who don’t follow Alycia’s blog, she has challenged everyone to make/quilt 12 QOVs during 2012. I think this is great and I am already starting!

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    Judy, thanks for issuing the challenge and congratulations to Ila. I just ordered more r/w/b fabrics New Year’s night to have plenty for more QOV quilts. Just wish I could afford to buy it from the local shops, but $10-$11 a yd. is just too expensive. I know I can’t meet Alycia’s challenge of a dozen tops or a dozen quilts quilted, but I can make 2 or 3 from start to finish.

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    I wasn’t able to send a quilt but GREAT JOB, Judy & friends!!!
    I’m still working on, and am almost finished on a “Home of the Brave” quilt for my cousin’s wife. My cousin died in Afghanistan a few years ago, and I gathered & made blocks and finished the rest of the quilt (almost). Need to finish the binding and get the labels on and deliver… 🙂

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I am making QOV’s quilts here in MO and our chapter is made up of 120+ ladies that meet 2 times a month. We are notified by National Headquarters as to where they need them and we ship directly to that location. Since we’ve been in exsistence (6 1/2 years) we have completed and sent over 700 quilts to the service men. Almost all were handquilted too. We are now finishing some by machine since we are getting so many tops donated to us. Thanks to all who keep our men in their thoughts and prayers.