Green Cables

This sock is made with Tosh Sock in Lettuce Leaf and the pattern is Cookie A.’s BFF.

The yarn is much prettier than it looks in this picture.  Using the flash gave a more accurate color but washed away the cables.  I love this pattern!  The socks feel thick and because the cable design is really like a fancy ribbing, they hang on to my leg without squeezing.  I would like to have made the leg a little longer.  I usually make the legs 7″ but made this one 6″ because I was afraid I would run out of yarn.

To put my mind at ease, I weighed the sock and it weighs 45 grams.

I weighed the remaining yarn and it weighs 67 grams so I’m safe!  Today I will cast on the second sock because I want to get these finished so I can use some of the Springtree Road yarn when it arrives . . hopefully on Monday!


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    Ooooh Judy, you’ve got my interest. Warm socks, warm feet, and I love cables. I’m going to recheck my socks books and needles. Like you I will have to order sock yarn from somewhere….

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    Judy D in AZ says

    I like long socks as well and worry about the yarn. I have tried to make 2 at once and so far have not mastered it but I will try again. I want to be able to make them toe up so I know how much yarn there is for the tops.

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    Judy what a smart idea to weigh the sock and remaining yarn! Love the color of those, as I’m sure you do too! Funny how after reading your blog and know how much you like lime green, that now every time I see it, I think of YOU 🙂 One of the homes I saw online the other day had a beautiful shade of green in the master bedroom and I thought OH JudyL would love this! lol

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

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    wow they are lovely … I had to send a link to the picture to my regular sock suplier (mum) who is always complaining that uni-coloured socks are so boring, now they will change her mind.

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    Kolleen says

    How are your hand knit socks holding up for wear? Do you have any issues with pilling or thin spots? What is your laundry procedure? I’m experimenting with different yarns for socks and would appreciate your wisdom. Thanks