One Month Report

We’ve been staying in the little house in the country for about a month now so I figured I’d report on how we like it.  My guess is there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that we love it.

It is unbelievable peaceful out here.  Since being here, we haven’t heard a neighbor’s dog barking; we haven’t heard a stereo booming; we haven’t heard engines revving.  I don’t think we’ve even heard a siren on the highway!  Now that the leaves are off some of the trees, if we’re outside, we can sometimes hear a truck on the highway but our house is about 1/4 mile off the highway and I’m guessing we’d have to be pretty far back to hear nothing at all.  Next house!  🙂

Early in the mornings if I’m outside, I can occasionally hear a cow mooing off in the distance.  When the National Guard was doing whatever they do in the woods, we could hear a war . . but only if we were outside.  I was surprised that we could hear the shooting better when we were in town than we can hear it outside.  Camp Bowie is a huge camp and I guess most of the activity was happening farther away from us.

Not one thing about this place has been a disappointment.  It’s truly everything we’ve ever wanted.  Everyone who comes here, from the meter reader to the air conditioner buys to the Fed Ex and UPS delivery folks all say how lucky we are to have found such a place.  One guy asked me if we were related to the folks who own the whole big ranch.  I said no and he said “Land out here is so hard to buy unless you’re related to someone who has a bunch of it!”

I wasn’t really concerned but if there had been one thing I was concerned about, it would have been the size of the kitchen and having no dishwasher.  I’ve surprised the heck out of myself but I think that when I had a really big kitchen, I’d make a mess here and then make a mess there and keep moving down and then when it was time to clean up, I had a big time mess and it took forever.  Here, with it being small, I’ve had to clean up as I go and have done an amazing job (if I do say so myself) of keeping it clean.

I dearly love my little kitchen, painted cabinets and all.  Notice that Speck has to round up as many toys as he can find and bring them by his food bowl before he eats!  I always keep those blinds open but had to close them for the picture because there was too much sun coming in.  I will definitely be happy to get rid of that little fridge and get my bigger one here.

We’re very happy and content here!


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    We are a mile and a half off of Hwy 70 and can only hear the big trucks if we are sitting outside on the deck…no noise inside…in fact..hubby sleeps later in the morning here…

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    And the days will only get better and better once all your stuff is there and unpacked and the sewing room is “operational”!!!

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    So glad you’ve finally been able to settle in “home” and that it’s a place you love! Everything else radiates out of that home, so it’s the foundation block for your life. Enjoy!!!

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    pdudgeon says

    i so agree! it’s much easier to keep a small kitchen neat and clean than it is a larger one. (and mine is even smaller than yours!)
    one thing i’ve done recently is to stop using my dishwasher. for just the two of us it makes a lot more sense to just wash the dishes once at night, or to clean up right after i’ve been making a batch of soup or rolls. usually i can get everything washed, dried, and put away in 20 min or less. The quickest so far is about 8 min. from start to finish. Considering that i always hated doing dishes by hand before, it’s realy nice to have that task finished so quickly.

    like you i would like to have a larger fridge too, but we rent so we have what we have.

    So glad for the three of you that you’re all happy and very contented in your new home. When everyone (even Speck)gets something they really wanted in the bargain, it makes things that much better for everyone.

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    It’s amazing what we can do without (dishwasher) isn’t it? When we travel in our motorhome during the winter months we live in a space of less than 400 sq. feet, no dishwasher (but I do have a washer/dryer), only a convection oven which I am slowly learning to use and we do just fine. Of course I don’t have the longarm and this year I brought only my Featherweight for piecing. Your kitchen is beautiful, I love the countertops and the painted cabinets. And, you guys sound so happy out there in the country!

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    karen clark says

    Judy, First of all, I want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog, making your patterns and really enjoy the recipes. Reading about your move and search for the perfect house leads me to believe that I too will be able to find one! Your kitchen looks big compared to some I have seen in houses we are looking at. I have a dishwasher now but we just don’t use it! I hate to have dishes sitting in there waiting for a full load.

    Thanks for letting us know you through your blog!

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    glad to hear you are enjoying your new house and soon all of your other things will be out of the rental and the rental will have been a dream (and not always a good one at that) – peace and quite is nice isn’t it.

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    Aw nothing like peace and quiet and country living. Sad to say it may not be possible for me again but I do clearly remember those years and how wonderful it was. Yes the best noise to hear at a distance is a cow mooing or maybe an airplane going over.
    I’m happy for you and Vince in finding this place and you sound so content. That’s a good life!

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    Cindy in NC says

    And all of us who’ve followed you on this journey are happy for you. It will only get betting when you’re sewing room is done.

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    I’m so happy to hear that life is nice and quiet for you guys. Not hearing noise is a stress relief and adds years to your life. I’ve lived in the country most of my life with the occasional train call on rainy days. Peace and quiet is the way to live.

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    Robin says

    It sounds absolutely perfect- I’m jealous!! I thought our new house would have been in a quieter area but have found that the neighbors dog barks most of the evening and the traffic is getting heavier and noisier now that more and more homes are being built down the road. Oh well- I’ll just enjoy through your blog :).

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    Sandy says

    You really have a great kitchen, Judy. I love the color of countertops and flooring. The quietness of the country sounds heavenly. We used to have neighbors that had 4 dogs (2 outside, 24/7 penned up) that barked ALL day and night. I am so glad you found your dream property and can’t wait to see the fabulous sewing room.

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    Doe in Mi says

    Fantastic. And it sounds like all the prayers were answered.
    I just know you can hardly stand waiting for that sewingroom.

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    Sounds lovely, Judy. I’m glad you’re happy there. I would love the peace and quiet too. I tend to stay up late at night because it’s quiet here.

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    margo says

    from a mother of a family of seven

    P.S. I really do love the place you have – – – I just had to swallow hard about no dishwasher. :0)

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      Carolyn Thomas says

      Margo… I current have 8 people living in my home. Definitely NEED that dishwasher or I’d be washing dishes all day and never get to sew! But I don’t mind washing dishes by hand either and I do when the fine china is used!

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    It’s so great that you found a place you can love so much after all the hassles you went through. It was just meant to be wasn’t it? As for not having a dishwasher, there are days I wish I had two…there’s always stuff that won’t fit at the end of the day.

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    Alma says

    Those guys from the city with their little red flags -to stick in yard- are a distant memory!!!
    So happy for both you and Vince.

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    Susan Torrens says

    You would faint if you saw my tiny kitchen! It makes yours look absolutely huge! One of the prices we pay for living in a townhome, but someone does cut the grass and shovel the snow, and we have great neighbours who keep an eye on things when our house checker isn’t around. Makes it easy to head south for the winter…..

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    Perry says

    I like your kitchen, even the painted cabinets. I, personally, think they are very neat looking. The white of the cabinets offsets all of the tile or slate. Not sure which you have, but I do like it. I didn’t realize you don’t have a dishwasher. I guess you will just learn not to dirty as many items. Aud and I go through at least 6 glasses and cups apiece in a day’s time. If we didn’t have dishwasher it would be one lol. So glad you are happy with your place. I think it is “just right” for you.

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    What bliss! My boyfriend and I have plans to buy land in the wide open country somewhere. We haven’t decided if we will stay in North Dakota/Minnesota, or move. I would love to live in Wyoming and he in Texas. Until that day, I will live vicariously through you and a few others.

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    I’m so glad it’s all going well for you! I wish I knew of your blog before, so I could have travelled more of the journey with you, but this is great!
    Hopefully, Vince loves the house as much as you do!

    I can’t wait until your sewing room is all set-up and functional. I see sewing joy in your near future! Well, I know you’ve been sewing in the house, but it’ll just be different in your studio!!


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    Karla says

    Judy, I love what I have seen in the pictures of your house, it looks so peaceful and relaxing. I live in town off the main drag and we hear sirens blasting all hours of the night. It bothers my husband more than me 🙂 I am a pretty sound sleeper. I love how speck has his toys by the food dish. I have four little dogs and they love their toys too. Each one has a special toy that they won’t share with the others. Just like kids! I am so happy for you and Vince that you have finally found the place that is meant for you. May peace and happiness abound with you always.

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    Love the layout of your kitchen. I’m hoping to remodel mine this summer (yeah right, need money first:)) and have been looking at layouts, yours comes the closest to what I want. Except I will have a dishwasher, I’ve found a small one that’s perfect for me. Also, I may link to this post for all my town friends who keep asking if I’ve thought about moving into town. Uh, no. My husband moved me to the country over 30 years ago and I learned I was a country girl at heart. I understand why you love your place. 🙂 ~Nita