Coconut Cake

On Christmas Eve, a friend posted a picture on facebook of a coconut cake she had made.  It was this one.  I never did take time to read the recipe to see what was needed but I’ve been thinking of that coconut cake almost every day since Christmas.  Yesterday Vince was out painting all day and I decided it was time to make a coconut cake.  I read through the ingredients and I had everything on hand but could not find my round cake pans.  They’re either packed still from MO or packed in boxes at the other house.  Not to be stopped by a little thing like that, I made it in my sheet cake pan and cut it in half, put the filling in between those two layers and iced it just like it was a layer cake!

See that big hunk missing?  No, I didn’t eat it . . but I surely could have!  My closest neighbor called.  This was all Saturday afternoon.

Her:   What are you doing?
Me: Making a cake.
Her: Why?
Me: Because I wanted a cake.
Her: What kind of cake?
Me: Coconut. Do you like coconut cake?
Her: I do! Oh . . what I called for . . do you think you’ll be out riding the RTV this afternoon? We went out of town for the day and stayed longer than we planned and the dog needs to be let out.
Me: Oh, yes, I’ll go over and let him out. And, if I finish the cake before dark, I’ll go back and put some in your microwave so the dog can’t get it.

I finished the cake before dark so I took that hunk over and put it in the neighbor’s microwave.  How would you like to come home from being gone all day and find a big chunk of homemade coconut cake in your microwave?  I’d like that a lot!  🙂

By the way, the cake calls for 7 minute icing that you’re supposed to beat over a double boiler using a  hand mixer.  I have neither a hand mixer or a double boiler but I put one pan over another pan and used a whisk til my arm got tired, then dumped it in the big mixer and let ‘er rip and it turned out just fine.