Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Yesterday we were running low on bread so I made my standard white but made one loaf of white and one loaf of cinnamon swirl.  I was going to put icing on it . . because I love icing but then decided if I didn’t ice it, I could toast it or even use it to make something similar to cinnamon toast . . but better.

You can’t imagine how happy I was to find my scale.  I know I shouldn’t be so anal but it bugs me . . right down to the last crumb, when one loaf is larger than the other and the only way to get it perfect is with the scale.

For the plain loaf, I stuck it in the pan to rise.  For the cinnamon swirl loaf, I flattened it into a rectangle using my hands, spread the top with soft butter, sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on top — that good Penzeys Vietnamese cinnamon!  That is the best cinnamon.  I don’t know how I made it before discovering the Vietnamese cinnamon.

Then I rolled it up real tight so the cinnamon and sugar wouldn’t pour out into the bottom of the loaf pan.

I sprinkled just a little cinnamon on top of the cinnamon swirl bread so we’d know which loaf was which and then set them over by the crockpot to rise.  My kitchen doesn’t stay real warm in the winter but you can see they were plenty warm enough to rise nicely.

The bread was baked and turned out just great.  Vince and I both tried both loaves just to be sure.  You can never be too careful, you know?


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    I just made myself a little kettle of chicken noodle soup because I feel like I’m coming down with a cold…and now I’m hungry for homemade bread! One of the other blogs I read had a recipe for homemade oatmeal/flax seed bread that sounded really good. It’s like it’s a conspiracy or something.

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    Love homemade bread! I try not to make it too often, it’s just too good to resist and I could eat almost the whole loaf with no problem. Plus, add the butter to it…I can turn into a walking blimp in no time!

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    Trina says

    For Christmas a member of our church gave us homemade cranberry bread. Made the best ham sandwich. Now it is gone. Boo-hoo.Homemade bread is the best, especially when it comes out of the oven.

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    Your bread looks fabulous! That’s something I have never tried. I mean, I’ve tried the mixes and a bread machine, but not just plain making bread. About a month ago, you inspired me to make biscotti for the first time and it was just soooo easy. I may be inspired to try this bread now. You are such an influence!

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    Alma says

    The bread looks so yummy. My daughter got me started on the Penzey’s Cinnamon and have used it for a few months. Funny thing though, I used it in my Pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving and it was such a different taste. Neither me or my husband cared for it. I didn’t hear any complaints, but it was a different taste for sure. I do have a jar of their cinnamon/sugar which is handy for toast in the morning.

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    SarahB says

    Hummm, I already need to make some bagels…. I guess I probably need to try some of that cinnamon bread too! You are so right to “test” both loaves and to get the full effect it needs to still be warm out of the oven, otherwise the true results are skewed!!! Taste on!

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    Hilary McDaniel says

    Judy, those bread loaves looked really long. Are those regular bread pans? Do you not make grain breads? KAF has a great whole wheat bread that’s great for making sandwiches.. I like 7grain bread, really crunchy when toasted.

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    Your loaves look yummy! Vietnamese cinnamon is the best!

    By the way… aren’t you the Twinkie girl? I heard on the news this afternoon Hostess may be going under… better stock up. LOL

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      I read that, also. I know my childhood would have been negatively altered without their products. Very sad piece of news!-( Made a loaf of challah from the first “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” and filled it with chopped apple, walnuts, craisins and cinnamon. Will go very well with the homemade venison minestrone soup for supper tonight…..yum!!!!! Doreen

      • Gwen says

        The news tonight said they are reorganizing and will keep baking during the bankruptcy. Ding Dongs for a while yet for me. Love them right out of the freezer.

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    Roberta says

    Of course you tried both loaves, white with the meal and cinnamon for dessert. 😉 When the kids were home they would scarf down the cinnamon and forget the meal. sigh…

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    Mmmmm! That sounds so good. I really love bread and miss it so. However, I just ordered some almond flour — they have some in the stores around here, but it’s mostly Bob’s Red Mill and it’s outrageously expensive. Almond flour has a glycemic load of 0, where whole wheat flour has a GL of about 81. I’m hoping I can make some semblance of bread — even if it’s too chewy or whatever — from the almond flour. It would be nice to have something semi-starchy again that won’t put me to sleep. 😉

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    Mary Jo says

    I put my bread in the oven to rise as long as I’m not planning on using it for a while. This keeps it out of drafts and seems to be just a tad warmer than just the kitchen. If I am in a hurry, I turn the oven light on. It provides just enough heat to help the process, but not cause problems!

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Oh, those both look so yummy. Being diabetic, bread, white carbs and sugar are things that are a no-no for me. I want a hunk of the white bread (warm) with butter on it. Then, the cinnamon. Wow, they look so good. Diabetic wise and weight wise, I just can’t do white bread/ I am salavating here.

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    kim says

    Judy, checkout a blog I just discovered, 365 days of slow cooking I’m sure you will discover some crockpot yummies.

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    Looks great, although I missed seeing the swirl–I love to look at those even more than I like eating them!
    My kitchen is cold sometimes too. I preheat the oven for two minutes while I form the loaves, and slip the loaves in the oven to rise when the temperature according to my hand feels like it’s about 95-100 degrees. Great environment for bread rising.

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    Heidi says

    After we got our new granite countertops and I was making bread I thought all my yeast was too old because it wasn’t rising. Bought new yeast and then had a “duh” moment when I realized that the counter was too cold compared to laminate. I made a rice bag and zap it in the microwave for a minute and put that underneath the bowl or the bread pans.

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    Your bread always look so amazing! My husband loves to make bread, but I don’t think he’s ever made cinnamon bread. Which is funny because he loves cinnamon! If by chance you still have some left, could you take a picture of a sliced piece? I’d love to see how the swirl looks!