There’s Fabric on the Shelves!

Not much . . but there’s some fabric on my shelves.

Last night sleep eluded me and that so rarely happens.  I gave Speck a pain pill about 7 and it must have made him thirsty because he kept drinking and drinking and then I was afraid he would need to go out and I wouldn’t wake up but apparently he slept fine once he went to sleep.  When Vince woke up about 6, I was sleeping like a baby so I asked him if he would take Speck out and let me sleep for another hour.  He took Speck out but in a few minutes he came in and said “The electrician is coming and he’s going to turn the water off for a couple of hours.  Do you want to cook breakfast now?”  I wanted to say NO but I said ok so I got up and took a quick shower, made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen before the guys turned the water off.  They had to pull out the old electric lines and run a new line so we could wire the well pump up to where it will run off the diesel generator if needed.

Vince and I started putting together shelves.  Oh, I miss Chad! He and Vince always put the shelves together but now I’m the helper and can you believe it . . Vince threatened to fire me again today.  He doesn’t understand that his way isn’t the only way to do something or . . maybe I haven’t learned to pretend that his way is the best way to do things!

In Missouri, my bolts of fabric were stuck in every spot I could find to stick them so this time, we put together an extra shelf unit and made all the bottom shelves for the fabric bolts.  I don’t like bending over to put the fabric back on the bottom shelves so having the bolts there should keep things neater.

We thought we had some shorter silver shelves to stick on the left end but they were like the other silver shelves so we had to put black shelves at the end of the closet.  The bolts on the center top with their ends sticking out are duplicates. All the fabric wouldn’t fit on the shelves.  There are a few more bolts in boxes but for the most part, this is all the bolts.

The blacks and browns and a couple of prints that I bought for backings are down on the end.  Progress but I’m telling you — moving and unpacking all this is tiring.  My bones ache!


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    Bev in NC says

    PLEASE show us a picture when it’s all done. It looks lovely now and I can only imagine how colorful it will be when finished. And besides I want to show DH that I truly do NOT have the largest fabric collection outside the the quilt store. VBG

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    Sandie says

    Can’t wait to move so I can do what you are doing! Looks like it is going to be great when you are done. BTW.. Did the new yarn arrive and do you like it? Waiting for a review before I order!

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    Do you think he would really fire you??? 😉
    I bet you are just giddy with excitement. In no time, it will all be unpacked and you find all your treasures–like your long arm handles. It’s looking fabulous.

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    SharO says

    Isn’t it fabulous to have the space to have it all in sight and at your fingertips?
    I do love the carpeting too.

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      There’s hardly a piece in there that I didn’t buy when it was on sale. The Michael Miller Krystal — I found the black on sale last year and must’ve bought 5 bolts. I use a lot of black though and any time I can get fabrics like that on sale, I do it. Oh . . I mean . . I did it. I’m not doing it any more! 🙂

    • 8.1


      I have other treasures behind those bolts! 🙂 There’s a plan for every square inch of that space. I can’t reach the top shelf without standing on a step stool so having it up there works for now. I’m going to use all the fabric soon and not have any duplicates! 🙂

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    Roberta says

    You are going to love those wheels on the shelves!!!!
    Are all the bolts on the long side solids??? Or tone on tone prints??? Love your selections of light colors!!!!!

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      Those shelves are the same ones I’ve had for 8 years or longer. They moved from Kentucky to Missouri and now to Texas. I think we bought a few more in MO but I lock the wheels and never move the shelves once they’re in place. In fact, the ones I’m putting in the second close, I’m not even putting wheels on them because Vince doesn’t know where the wheels are and we’re going to go put them together tonight after the game.

      The colored fabrics are all Michael Miller Krystal or Andover Dimples so they’re mostly tone on tone.

      • says

        I have the same shelves, but no casters. Did the wheels come with yours or was this a Vince shopping trip? I would like wheels on mine.

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    So exciting to see all this progress. I do like the shelving units. I have those also. Yours are looking pretty nice now. Mine look like “h e 2 sticks”!!!

    It really is shaping up, Judy. How exciting for you. 🙂

    Hope little Speck is doing better.

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    Joyce says

    Congrats on getting some of your fabric on shelves! I thought I had lots of fabric on bolts, but you win! Mine are all on the top shelves of my shelving. I think your idea is way better. Hmmmm does this mean I’ll be moving fabric bolts soon? I sorta hope not, that’s too much work.

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    omg – so much fabric and that is just the beginning – no wonder you are a stash buster and need to use what you have!! this will look like you are walking into a fabric store.

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    Shari in AZ says

    Congrats on your progress! Been there and done that so I feel your pain. Keep up the good work.

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    Alma says

    Did you use your little motorized cart to get the fabric to its new home? Would love a picture of that with all the colorful bolts.
    Room is looking gorgeous !

  11. 20


    Can’t wait until you have it all shelved and post photos…I need to show hubby, too. He needs to see what I have yet to achieve!!!

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    LadyBaltimore says

    Looks great so far! I will be watching every step of your sewing studio set up. Love the yellow walls! Oh, and as you’re unpacking fabric, would you check to see if my three Marie Webster applique blocks turn up? They evidently weren’t in any of the boxes in my move. Have fun!

  13. 22


    Kind of looks like the beginnings of a fabric store. 🙂 Aren’t you just SO excited to actually be putting things away in your new studio? I sure would be.

    I hate being DH’s helper on any put-it-together project. I look at something, decide on a course of action and git ‘er done. He has to take every possible scenario into consideration and discuss them to death before doing anything. And slow, slow, slow. Drives me nuts, so I know where you’re coming from. I usually just put things together by myself. Harder on the muscles maybe, but less stressful in the end.

  14. 23


    Nice start and what a way to “MOVE YOUR STASH”. lol
    Love that V wants to fire you. That’s a non-ending joke in this house too but with me chanting, “Okay, give me a pink slip, I dare ya!”. Too funny.

    PS: Just think you are getting a work out while redesigning your new space with fresh starts. Lucky Girl!

  15. 24


    I’m very excited for you, Judy! You’ve been waiting a long time to be able to unpack your sewing room & fabric and time time has finally arrived. YAY!

    I can’t wait to see what the first project will be that you work on in your new studio…


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    Suzette says

    I actually showed DH the pictures of the ROOM not the stash. If I could have half of that space I’d be in heaven. Judy, I’m liking your yellow walls more and more as you put the carpet, fabric, etc in there. It’s a great “neutral” without being blah.

  17. 26


    You are going to love having all your fabric out where you can see it! That and the thread display… every morning you can walk in and pet them. LOL Enjoy!

  18. 27


    Looking good.

    Having the shelves on wheels will be good if you want to get behind there to vacuum once every five years…

    Where is the yard stash going???

    • 27.1


      I meant yarn stash (guess I am thinking about my spring garden plans already!)

      Also, good move with the color of the carpet matching the local dirt. Less obvious when those stains set in and they will no matter how hard you try. Something about the red dirt.

  19. 28

    Sandy says

    I think you have enough to compete with the LQS. What a great room you have. I can’t wait to see all of it with your machines set up. It looks well worth the wait you had to endure.
    Love it, Judy!

  20. 30

    Peggy in Virginia says

    Can’t wait to see it all together. I have to check three rooms before I decide I have it or wish I had bought it. Love it!

  21. 31


    Holy mackerel! That’s a lot of fabric. I can see why you stash bust. And that’s just the bolts. I thought I had a lot of fabric but you definitely have more. I really dislike being the helper too. Men! They think they know the best way to do anything but we all know that’s not true.

  22. 33


    You say “Not much . . but there’s some fabric on my shelves.” :o)
    Now I see why you “stash bust”! Whoa—that is a lotta-lotta fabric!

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    Vickie says

    Well I am saving that picture. DH is on his way to MO with a locomotive engine on the back of our truck. I have the same shelves!!! Only DH said I should get them in White??? I really wanted chrome because, well it is my favorite color (like the song says) but he insisted…and he won. Anyway I had plastic bins on my shelves with fabric in them. Well our guild had a visit from an organizer, who said…get that fabric out of the bins. I have spent several months folding, wow what a difference!! I love how colorful it is now :-). I am tall sooo I left a row of 3 high bins on the top shelf. I can reach them just fine. I only have 2 shelf sets though, so DH needs to see that ..Of course I could use another one because I still have fabric stashed other places (imagine that). My room is only big enough for 2. I have 2 of the large wooden double bookcases from Costco on either side of the doors on the opposite Side of the room. They have books, fabric and stuff in them. My sewing desk (Koala) sits right in the middle. I love my room. It isn’t as big as yours Judy, but then my DH shop is NOT where I would want to section off a room like yours 🙁 Too full of grease and tools and Semi trucks!!! My dreams of the garage were shot down when DH decided he should have part of that to. For the motorcycle…which for some reason could not go into his shop?? No matter. I love my room and I love yours to!! I know you will spend many happy hours creating in there. I am glad that you are the sort of person who remembers their friends. Like that is my way of saying thanks for the new scrappy starry pattern you are sharing…beautiful, I can’t wait to start it…..Wow how did this post get so long? Hahahahaha guess we all know 🙂

  24. 38

    Eileen says

    NICE !! You have some serious fabric!!!! Cask happy Speck is good. He’s so cute. And love your ranch name. I read several blogs today. ????