The Yarn Giveaway

Remember a while back . . like two yarn orders ago . . when I was giving away a skein of yarn?  Judy at Gramma’s Quilting Room won it and wrote about it here, along with some of her other sock knitting projects.  What’s funny is that in her post, she shows a pair of socks she just finished using the Debra Norville yarn and I just finished a pair using that same yarn in December!  You can see the yarn she chose and what she wrote about it in her blog post.

I haven’t had a chance to knit the Springtree Road yarn yet but I’ll tell you which color I’m using first.  It’s the Saffron because it’s yellow and my sewing room is yellow and I hoped to have them finished before moving into my sewing room but the green BFF socks are still on my needles and I’m sending out books and unpacking fabric and trying to get the rental clean and . . whew  . . there’s just not much time for knitting right now.

Can You Hear Me Now?

This is a problem that I’m sure we could figure out a solution if there is a solution but if some of you have solved the problem before, please tell me how you did it.  We’ve had so much going on that we haven’t taken the time to try to figure out solutions.

Above shows the XM Radio sitting in the window.  Do you notice that the antenna is outside the window?  That’s fine til it rains or worse, til I forget and leave it outside one night and the dew ruins it.  Between the metal building, the 11″ walls and maybe the Low-E windows, we cannot get a signal for anything!  We have the booster for XM but it does nothing to improve our reception.  Same thing in the house . . open a window and stick the antenna out and I have satellite radio.

And . . the cell phone . . same thing!  We have a micro-cell in the house but apparently only one micro-cell will work, though I having fully accepted AT&T’s explanation of why that’s so.  With the micro-cell, the cell phones work in the house.  Without the micro-cell in the sewing room . . no cell phone service.  Not by the windows, not by the doors . . I have to walk completely outside to get cell service and out here, we don’t have 3G so unless I go back to the house with the micro-cell, there’s basically no cell service.

And . . can it get any worse?  🙂  Seriously, these are all minor inconveniences but as you might guess, the wireless internet from the house will not come through to the sewing room.  We ran cat 6 lines out there but til the electrician can get the trench dug and wires over there from the house, I have no internet out in the sewing room either!

Once the internet is hooked up, we’ll get another Magic Jack phone out there.  We’ve had Magic Jack for a couple of years now and love it.  It should work fine out there and at least I’ll have a phone.  Doesn’t look like we can get a Brownwood number and since our home number is a Joplin number, no telling what number we’ll choose for the sewing room!  🙂

Maybe I should forget about the internet, forget about the cell phone, forget about the radio and just sit myself down and sew all day without interruptions.  Seriously does anyone have a fix that you’ve tried and you known works?


Design Wall Monday – January 16, 2012

I’ve already shown this picture of my January Fabric Challenge piece but since the picture was taken, I did add one border and got all the border blocks sewn together for the pieced border.  This one should be finished this week.  Speaking of the January Fabric Challenge, did you read Vicki’s color lesson on Friday?  It was another good one!

So . . what’s on your design wall?