The Yarn Giveaway

Remember a while back . . like two yarn orders ago . . when I was giving away a skein of yarn?  Judy at Gramma’s Quilting Room won it and wrote about it here, along with some of her other sock knitting projects.  What’s funny is that in her post, she shows a pair of socks she just finished using the Debra Norville yarn and I just finished a pair using that same yarn in December!  You can see the yarn she chose and what she wrote about it in her blog post.

I haven’t had a chance to knit the Springtree Road yarn yet but I’ll tell you which color I’m using first.  It’s the Saffron because it’s yellow and my sewing room is yellow and I hoped to have them finished before moving into my sewing room but the green BFF socks are still on my needles and I’m sending out books and unpacking fabric and trying to get the rental clean and . . whew  . . there’s just not much time for knitting right now.


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    Marky says

    I can’t believe it! I just finished a pair of socks with the same Debra Norville yarn the end of November and I actually have them on today while I read your blog! I started the socks when you had your sock challenge in November of 2010 encouraging your readers to knit socks. It took me a whole year to get them made but your frequent talk about sock knitting kept me encouraged. Thanks for the motivation, Judy. I now enjoy knitting socks…but I’m still pretty slow.