Blueberry Hill

My January Color Challenge piece is done!  Here’s the palette we were given by Vicki:

And here’s my interpretation:

If ever we have a day in Texas when the winds aren’t blowing 90 miles an hour, I’ll take it outside and get a better picture.  Also, sometime tomorrow I hope to have the pattern available if anyone wants to make it.  It isn’t real quick and depending on your definition of easy or difficult, it isn’t too hard.  There are a lot of flying geese, which I find kinda time consuming.  It’s 79″ x 99″ and I think it was a lot of fun to make.

Little House in the Woods

Over the weekend I checked to see if Google Maps or Google Earth (not even sure what I clicked on) could find me and they got close but since our little piece of land was carved out of a bigger piece of land and we got a new address, we must’ve confused Google a bit.  I was able to find our house .. which is better than I do when trying to drive here in the dark!

For the blog readers who were with me through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad times, if you’ve wondered about the location of our house . . this is a drawing that Vince and the realtor worked up when we were buying the property.  You can see the trees and the trails that we ride on with the RTV.

Below is a bit closer picture.  For now we’re sharing the driveway that goes with the big ranch house but once it sells, they will put in our own gate and driveway and I have that drawn in pink.  When you look at the pink driveway, see the three buildings lined up in a row?  The one at the top is the house, the middle one is the shop/sewing room and the one in the back is the implement shed.

And the best thing is . . there’s no trash can sitting in front of my house like it was in the pictures form MO.  That could be because we have no trash service here . . which creates problems but we have a solution in the works.

It really is so pretty here.  Now when I talk about things going on around here, maybe it will make more sense to you.