Little House in the Woods

Over the weekend I checked to see if Google Maps or Google Earth (not even sure what I clicked on) could find me and they got close but since our little piece of land was carved out of a bigger piece of land and we got a new address, we must’ve confused Google a bit.  I was able to find our house .. which is better than I do when trying to drive here in the dark!

For the blog readers who were with me through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad times, if you’ve wondered about the location of our house . . this is a drawing that Vince and the realtor worked up when we were buying the property.  You can see the trees and the trails that we ride on with the RTV.

Below is a bit closer picture.  For now we’re sharing the driveway that goes with the big ranch house but once it sells, they will put in our own gate and driveway and I have that drawn in pink.  When you look at the pink driveway, see the three buildings lined up in a row?  The one at the top is the house, the middle one is the shop/sewing room and the one in the back is the implement shed.

And the best thing is . . there’s no trash can sitting in front of my house like it was in the pictures form MO.  That could be because we have no trash service here . . which creates problems but we have a solution in the works.

It really is so pretty here.  Now when I talk about things going on around here, maybe it will make more sense to you.


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    Thank you for the “tour”. We/I am so visual, so having that pic helps the miles between us “melt” away (figure of speech since it is doing that ‘snow stuff’ here- S.E. MN- again). Doreen

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    Yes the visual from the sky is wonderful~like a fly by! So the big lot is for sale still? I am so happy for you and Vince! Glad Speck is doing better too!

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    Hilary McDaniel says

    Are you having to fence the 45 acres? We fenced 88 acres w/deer fencing so I know what that will do to your fabric budget. Or will they put the fence in for you when you get your new road? I hope so. You aren’t too close to the main house. I hope some nice folks buy the big house that can become great neighbors.

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    No solution, but if it makes you feel any better, I am smack dab in the middle of baton rouge, and I get no cell phone service.

    I have to go outside on the patio for my phone to ring or to pick up messages. Which worked fine when Bonnie Doon needed to pee every hour. But the bassets have cast iron bladders!


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    Donna in KS says

    My husband had already located you! Hearing the stories and all, he just had to find you on his WunderMap. He loves that thing!!! He has explored your area closely and extensively. Thanks for this blog post and the affirmation for him!

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    Vickie says

    I have to reiterate the UPS comment. Make sure they can find you!!!! Cool place. For awhile Google showed our old place on the aireal view and our new house on the street view. It was interesting. Kind of gives you perspective to see it relative to what is around you.
    One of my doggies came from Brownwood Tx!!!
    On the trash thing….we have 4 large cans and we burn the burnable stuff. Takes awhile to fill 4 cans….them we make a dump run!!! It is waaaaay cheaper than having trash p/u in our area.
    Waiting for more pics of the Great Studio!!! Saw your book (and you) featured on the AQS website….Cool….