Star Blocks for Jan QOV

This morning I did some calculation and in order to get three star blocks from a fat quarter, it will have to be at least 21-1/2″ x 17-1/2″ and that’s using pretty much every thread of it.  Therefore, I’m going to suggest that you count on getting 2 star blocks from a fat quarter.  When we get to that point, I will give you a drawing of how you could get three blocks per fat quarter only if your fat quarter has 21-1/2″ x 17-1/2″ of  usable fabric and I’m not sure I’ve seen many like that lately.


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    I got my 60 Border’s Book Yesterday! So happy to see the “BIG Star Quilt” in it. Mine just needs those last few Borders. It’ son my UFO LIST again this year. FAT Quarters have shrunk a bit! It’s those BIG Selvages to hold all the Fabric Designer’s names and DOTS of color that take the extra room. YEA for some OLD stuff in my Stash from the days of true 45″ fabric.

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    Marie Mann says

    You do sound so happy and so settled at last Judy, it is great to see.
    Coming from a land down under, our fat quarters are longer ?than yours, usually 19 1/2 inches by 22 1/2 inches so we could probably get 3 stars from each fat quarter.
    It is always something we have to keep in mind or we can end up short when we buy off the internet as opposed to buying from our LCS.
    PS those Waffles looked soo scrumptious, pity we cannot just teleport them from there to here.

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    Claudia Wade says

    Judy – I am so looking forward to the QOV pattern directions. I am going to be making 2 of them, one for QOV, and one for me, to be a “car quilt.” When my DH and I drive 8 hours to our daughter’s family’s home I always fall asleep and I need a snuggle quilt for the car. This will be the perfect size! Thanks so much for doing this, I love the pattern!