Rolling Along – Part 2 Correction

If you’ve already printed the directions from earlier this morning, for each block you need 4 – 1-3/4″ squares NOT 4 – 1-3/8″ squares as I originally posted.  I’ve corrected it but just wanted to be sure anyone who had printed the directions already sees the change.  Sorry!


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    It looks like you corrected the cutting instructions, but the sewing instructions lower down still say 1 3/8″. 🙂

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    Pat Bandura says

    Judy found two other typo’s
    it should be 3 – 3″ squares not 8 and the half sqare trianges are finished 2 1/2 unfinished 3

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      Pat, I fixed the unfinished/finished wording but am not seeing where I said that you need 8 – 3″ squares. If I’m overlooking that, please set me straight! Thanks!

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    Claudia Wade says

    Judy – I have a question about your Part 2 instructions. I got the correction about the 1-3/4″ squares, but my question is about the background fabric/colored fabric half square triangles.
    In the instructions, you say “Colored fabric/Background Fabric – 2 half square triangles made from background fabric and colored fabric. These will be 3″ finished or 2-1/2″ unfinished.” Isn’t that backwards? Shouldn’t it be 2-1/2″ finished or 3″ unfinished? I just want to make sure I am doing it right.