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    Is this what the rolling along quilt will look like? I love it. I spent the better part of 2 hours yesterday just trying to get my flying geese to work out right with the measurements. Finally got it right and I sure hope they are right cause I sewed about 40 of the so far.


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    Becky (central oregon) says

    I Love the Quilt…and the colors that you are playing with make me smile…
    I seem to be missing most if not all the directions for the quilt along in your post… Is there a specific tab or button on the side that I should be hitting for the next steps?

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    Myrna Sosssner says

    Have I missed the instructions for the surrounding “boxes”? How can I go back to find them?

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    Vickie says

    well my star blocks are done…not the surround (do we have those instructions yet?) but the stars are done 🙂 Okay I started doing this because I loved the colorfulness of it….but well my SIL just lost his Brother (nicknamed Bear) and Dad in a horrible accident. He lost his Mom last summer. Bear was really like one of our own kids….So in my stash I have some fabric with Bears on it……cut them out for the star centers. Some will still be colorful, but half will be bears. I still can use colors for the surrounds…but it just seemed right. I will call my quilt Brother Bear!! I know it will bring a smile to SIL and the family.

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    Judy- I must be dense. I am having trouble with my prairie point measurements. I am using Karlenes measurements and they just won’t come out. I have about 20 samples and none measure up to what you call 1 3/4″ x 3″. One problem the picture you show is the finished one with no room for seam allowance. After we make them is the unfinished measurement the picture with seam allowance added. If I were to start out with squares and make 1/2 triangles what size square would I start with. I am so frustrated please help. Thanks sue