Getting Ready for Visitors

Today is the first day since the new sewing room was “finished”, that I didn’t go out and sew.  All day I kept thinking I’d get out there at least for a few minutes and never did.  Vince did paint the doors after he got home so hopefully very soon I’ll get door knobs installed.

Tomorrow Chad and Nicole arrive for a few days . . too few but I’m thankful for any days I get with them.  This will be their first trip here and I’m thinking they’re going to start looking for jobs in Texas!  Maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part but Nicole doesn’t like cold weather and Chad wants to be farther south.  He hasn’t said it but I know he wants to be closer to his mom too!  🙂

Bright and early this morning I had to be at the hospital to have pre-op done for a little surgery I have to have next week.  I have a ganglion cyst that’s messing up my knuckle.  I was surprised that I have to go to the hospital and be put to sleep to have it fixed but . . it is what it is.  I was even more surprised when they told me how much we owe after what the insurance will pay.  Every dollar now is compared to how many acres of fencing we could have done.   I figure fixing my finger would have fenced at least 3 acres of land!  🙂

Once I finished giving blood, getting x-rayed, checking the old ticker, I went to the post office and then the grocery store and came home and started cooking food that we’ll eat while Chad and Nicole are here.

That’s a buttermilk pie and the “barf cake“, Chad’s favorites!  Nicole requested homemade macaroni and cheese and I’ll make that while they’re here.  She also wanted us to make s’mores so I bought the stuff to make that.  We’re currently not under a burn ban so we should be able to build a fire in the fire pit and enjoy our s’mores.

Pork was roasted for carnitas.

Chili was made.

The pork was pulled off the bone and shredded.  One container of liquid and one container of pork will go into the freezer for later use.  The other will be made into carnitas to be served with goat cheese polenta while they’re here.  I’m sure using my share of goat cheese these days, aren’t I?

My work in the kitchen is done.  There’s a good chance I will be able to finish my green BFF socks tonight!


  1. 2

    Melissa Crosby says

    So happy that Chad and Nicole get to come! I’ve missed their stories lately. Hope you get to enjoy their visit!

  2. 4

    LadyBaltimore says

    So glad your son and Nicole are coming for a visit. Wishing you all a wonderful time. ps I really like your kitchen counter tile.

  3. 5


    Everything looks yummy….. but when I noticed the pot your roast was in… boy did that bring back memories from my grandma’s kitchen! Thanks for that.

  4. 6

    Frieda Z says

    I am glad Chad and Nicole get to come and visit you for a few days. You sure fixed some yummy looking food. Have fun while they are here!

  5. 8

    Diana in TX says

    Hope our Texas weather stays nice for their visit. Either way you will enjoy it. Have fun! I do need to try the carnitas recipe.

  6. 9

    jmniffer says

    A mom can dream…and make foods her son loves to help tip the scales for a future move. It might happen. 🙂

  7. 10

    Cindy from California says

    I am happy to hear that Chad and Nicole are coming this weekend!! I know what you mean about making all the good eats for the family!!



  8. 11

    Kathryn in Las Vegas says

    Judy, My sister recently introduced me to your blog and I now find myself looking forward to reading it every day. You feel like an old friend already. Thanks

  9. 13


    Have a wonderful visit with the kids! You made some nice dishes for them to enjoy, so maybe they will decide they need to be closer to your cooking……errrrr….I mean closer to YOU! 🙂

  10. 15


    Oh how I love your stories, Judy. The instant I saw ‘barf cake’ it brought a big smile to my face. ;D I’m so glad you get to visit with Chad and Nichole for a few days and I really hope they’ll find some jobs nearby and move to Texas. You all seem to enjoy each other’s company so much, it would be a shame to be too far apart for too long. Enjoy!

  11. 16

    Karla says

    So glad to hear your son and his girlfriend are coming for a visit. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could get some employment closer to the homefront 🙂

  12. 17


    Are they driving or flying? Sounds like a fun week-end for you and Vince. I don’t expect a daily report from you, enjoy your family and catch up on Tuesday.

  13. 18


    Have a wonderful visit!! Seems it has been too long coming. Glad you won’t have to spend a lot of time cooking. The goodies are ready…now enjoy every second they are with you. Sorry the trencher is gone; I’m sure Chad would have loved that :).

  14. 19

    Fran says

    Would love yo have your Mac n cheese recipe. I’ve hoped to find one that emulates the one my dad used to fix us when we were kids. It was so cheesy…and yummy. He also made a “cheese soffle” that was cooked in an iron skillet..again, very cheesy and yummy.

    Hope you have a wonderful family visit and a uneventful trip to the hospital.

  15. 20

    Sandy K says

    If Chad sees all of the wild life in the area he will be back.
    Now if he had been working for years he could buy the big ranch.
    Enjoy your visit with Chad and Nichole it has been awhile since you saw them. Prepare your self you will cry again when they leave. That is what mom’s do.

  16. 21

    quilterbee says

    I know just how excited you are to have Chad and Nicole come to TX. I hope they stay.

    Good luck on your surgery.

  17. 22

    Charlotte Betts says

    Would you share your buttermilk pie recipe? I had a really good recipe years ago, but through the years it has been lost.

  18. 23


    I glad your son and his girlfriend are finally coming to visit you. You know he wants to move closer not just because you’re his mother but because you are a great cook. I’m envious. I wish my mom cooked like you. Anyway, sorry to hear about your finger but I guess if it’s bothering you, it’s better to get it fixed as soon as possible. Too bad your insurance doesn’t cover it all. I was just in the hospital for surgery last week and thank God, health care is free here in Canada. I pay extra for a private room but you only get that if one is available. Just be thankful the doctor isn’t fixing your cyst the old way, slamming a book down on it. Ouch!!!

  19. 24


    Enjoy the company, Judy. I know you will!!! How nice that they’re arriving after your sewing room is finished, so they’ll be able to see it “in action” vs. in the midst of painting, etc… YAY!

    When you have time – maybe after healing from your surgery, would you mind sharing the recipe for your Buttermilk Pie? I’ve searched your blog (couple of times) and can’t find it. I made your buttermilk waffles this past week and they are TO DIE FOR!!! Better not come near my plate when it holds a buttermilk waffle and there’s a fork in my hand… lol

    Enjoy the weekend with your family!


  20. 25

    cathy lewis says

    I know how excited you are that your baby is coming to visit…It really is hard adjusting to the empty nest syndrome… It took me almost 2 years… but now I like it… but before tears.. Could you give the recipe for chili… I would love to have that and yet to find a good recipe..