February QOV

No!  I’m not going to show it to you yet but if I were you, I’d hurry up and finish everything so I could do this one!  I’ll give you a little info about it and heck, because I’m such a nice girl, I’ll even show you my fabric choices.

Here’s the hint:  Because it’s a free pattern and you can use it however you’d like, though I’d love to see some QOVs made from the design, I’m going to give you an optional pieced border design if you want to use that instead of plain border strips.  In order to get the QOVs to be the right size, it’s pretty hard to use a pieced border and multiple plain borders like I like to use but when you see it, I think you’ll agree that the pieced border really changes the looks of it.

My quilt, and the pattern, will be shown using a background fabric, a red, a light blue, a dark blue and a gold.  There is enough red leftover from the January QOV that I’m using that same fabric.  In the photos, it looks orange but it’s really a nice red.  My original plan was to not use Dimples anywhere in the quilt.  It isn’t that I don’t love Dimples . . I do!  But, I keep using them and the rest of my stash sits so I’m going to concentrate on at least incorporating other fabrics in with the Dimples.

The first fabrics I pulled were these:

This is what I get for taking pictures after I’ve turned off half the lights in the room.  The orange is really red and the background on the left isn’t nearly so tan.  I like this combination but the yellow is mostly going to be up against the background and I don’t think it’s going to stand out enough.  I switched it for for this yellow.

That one’s way too bright and . . it is a Dimple!

This one works!  Even though it’s a Dimple, it’s the perfect shade I was searching for.

Now you know the fabrics I’m  using but you’ll have to wait to see the design.  Get everything finished so you can play along in February.

Here They Come

It was an early morning for Chad and Nicole.  They probably left Nevada around 4:45 a.m.  Chad gets up earlier to go hunting and Nicole gets up earlier to go to work but I’m betting they’ll both be tired when they get here.  That’s ok . . I know how to pamper!  🙂

January UFO

How’s everyone doing with the January UFO?  When I post the number for the February UFO project, there will be a link box so you can link up to show your finished January project.

Thursday I decided it was time to see what my #5 project was.  I cannot find it! I knew right where it was at the rental and I think it’s packed in a Rubbermaid tote but I searched for a while and couldn’t find it.  So, instead of wasting any more time looking for a project I might not find within the day or so, I chose another one.

This is Vince’s quilt and it will be nice that it’s the first quilt that I quilt and finish at our new house in my new sewing room.  I’ll probably piece a backing and will do my best to get it quilted and bound before January ends . . though if it doesn’t happen, I’ll get it done the first week in February!

It was made using the Peaches & Dreams pattern.