Here They Come

It was an early morning for Chad and Nicole.  They probably left Nevada around 4:45 a.m.  Chad gets up earlier to go hunting and Nicole gets up earlier to go to work but I’m betting they’ll both be tired when they get here.  That’s ok . . I know how to pamper!  🙂


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    Debbie R. says

    Sometimes my daughter’s visits are almost as anticipated and they live right here ….. busy lives One is a police officer and the other has 3 teens and pre teens… too busy for grandma now.

  2. 6


    He is going to get a kick out of seeing the Yellow Jacket Ranch and all of the new toys to play with. Between that and all that food you prepped for them, they’ll be happy campers.

  3. 14


    So fabulous when our “babies” come home (no matter their age) even for just a brief visit. I’m having a “coffee” date with mine today and I can hardly wait.

  4. 15


    I’m so happy for you that the kids are coming to visit. Enjoy every minute – the trips our kids make home are all so short!!!

  5. 17

    Darlene S says

    Great news!!! I know they will have a blast roaming around the Yellow Jacket Ranch and seeing all the fun things to do. Maybe they could be neighbors “over on the lower 40+ acres”.
    ATV distance away.

  6. 19


    I can’t wait to hear a report on how the visit went…and if they would actually consider relocating close to you. 🙂

  7. 20


    I can’t imagine that they’ll be over-tired or un-pampered a minute while they’re with you, Judy. Once they see the spot, they’ll probably want to take a drive in your little cart so they can pick out the spot where they want to put their own cabin! 😉

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    Marie says

    I know just how you feel. Got to see my youngest daughter and her family today. First since Christmas, as she lives over by St. Louis. Grandsons grow so fast in a month, let me tell you. Enjoy your time with your family.

  9. 25


    I hope this is the longest you’ll ever be apart , lol! I miss my daughter who is in AZ and look forward to her coming home for her birthday in early March.