January UFO

How’s everyone doing with the January UFO?  When I post the number for the February UFO project, there will be a link box so you can link up to show your finished January project.

Thursday I decided it was time to see what my #5 project was.  I cannot find it! I knew right where it was at the rental and I think it’s packed in a Rubbermaid tote but I searched for a while and couldn’t find it.  So, instead of wasting any more time looking for a project I might not find within the day or so, I chose another one.

This is Vince’s quilt and it will be nice that it’s the first quilt that I quilt and finish at our new house in my new sewing room.  I’ll probably piece a backing and will do my best to get it quilted and bound before January ends . . though if it doesn’t happen, I’ll get it done the first week in February!

It was made using the Peaches & Dreams pattern.


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    Judy, I forgot you had this pattern. I need to make a graduation quilt and this just might be the ticket. The school colors are red and blue. I have a ton of scraps left from another quilt I made with these colors. I think it would work… I usually make lap quilts (these are for all our nieces and nephews who graduate) so maybe if I left off the pieced border, this might work! Made my day to see this again!

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    Ummmm, well, I laid out the blocks for January’s UFO. Then decided I didn’t like it. Maybe I’m just too into baby things at the moment and this quilt will inspire me later in the year. I’m thinking of trying to finish another one on my list so that at least I finish something this month instead of constantly doing new projects. Love Vince’s quilt – it’s so pretty.

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    Karla says

    Am still furiously working to get this project completed by the 31st. Maybe on my weekend I will be able to get it done. It has a lot of handwork in it which is taking more time than expected. Look for the picture on Tuesday hopefully.

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    I dont have ufos, but I’m inspired by this pic. Ive printed the pattern out and tossed it in the batiks bin, a ton of fall copper, golds, greens and wine colors.

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    I love that quilt especially in those colours. Actually I love it in any colourway. Great pattern and one day I’m going to make one.

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    I love this pattern and these colours! One of the things I enjoy about your UFO challenge is the flexibility to make it fit our own life/needs. It’s so cool that this will be the first one you finish in your new home 🙂
    Have a great family week!

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    Becky I. says

    I love this pattern! It looks good with any color combination. I’ve pieced two lap sized ones just this week. You did gread with the design. It goes together so easily and matches perfectly as you sew! Thanks again for sharing.

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    Diane Kelsey says

    Nothing like a bit of pressure to make you work. I agree it will be a lovely first quilt completed in your new home.

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    Debby Hughey says

    I am a loyal follower of your blog and love all your patterns. You are such an inspiration to me. We have quilting and chickens in common!
    Anyway, I decided to due a UFO thing too. I numbered my unfinished projects 1-12. Then I would check what number you picked and then pick my number that way I would have 2 projects from which to pick from. Jan. pick turned out to be #5 for my pick to finish also so it was meant to be. Well, it’s finished and I’m very happy that I have decided to play along. My only question is “Do I have to have a blog in order to post a finished picture?

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    Vince’s quilt is beautiful! I have to remember about that Peaches & Dreams pattern…

    My #5 is a small quilt that was on last year’s challenge list but only got as far as sandwich phase–it only needs handquilting but that I didn’t start until this weekend! Hope to have a good bit of it done over the next two days. Gulp.

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    I have finished 2 UFO quilts in January and another UFO (a Kilt), but haven’t finished UFO #5… I got some blocks made… now need to make them bigger as they are only 3.5″ blocks now…