This Seems Normal!

We all got up this morning and had waffles for breakfast.  Then Vince and Chad began putting together a TV stand.  We were going to have our builder build us a tv cabinet but I’m still not sold on having the TV in the family room so a $79 stand from Wal-Mart sounded much better to me.  I was dreading helping put it together so it makes me happy that Chad is helping Vince do it.

Nicole is staying out of the way as much as possible and reading the Kindle.

Speck is staying out of the way on his pillow.

I just finished a batch of whole wheat bread and may head over to the sewing room for a few minutes.  Next project for Chad and Vince will be to hang and hook up the TV in the sewing room.

It’s so nice having Chad and Nicole here!


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    Pat McGuire says

    I’m so happy for you that your boy and his girl are there to visit. We just had our daughter here with her guy. It had been over two and a half years since we’d seen her. It felt delicious. Have lots of fun together. The days will fly by.

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    It’s so nice that the kids are there. I know how much you enjoy being all together.

    Thinking of you while you are having such a good visit.

  3. 6


    I am laughing – it looks like Speck is hiding his head to not have to watch the assembly?!? Hope it goes smoothly! Glad you have them there – so wonderful when family is together!

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    Great to have family around and kids can be such a good help. Good luck with the tv, now that its been in the family room you may never get it out. Whats that old saying? Start as you mean to go on. Well you can either escape to your sewing heaven or tell Vince if he wants the tv on during cooking time he can cook!
    I loved the Jan sewing projects, dont have time to do it now but really like the shape of the blocks, havent seen that one before so its on my list for sometime in the future! Still have to finish my UFO item for Jan too! The time just slipps away most days. Have a great visit!

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    I, too, though Speck looked more like he was trying to hide than just staying out of the way. LOL Do you think Nicole and Chad would consider relocating to that area?

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    Isn’t it so nice when they come to visit? For just a little while, all is right in your world! Helps to get us through the long stretches when they are gone again, knowing that another visit will be out there in the future, getting closer every day. I look forward to Christmas all year long because my son brings his wife & kids for a visit – it’s pure magic for me! I visit them in the summer, but it’s just not the same as him coming to my home and “living with me” for a few days, almost just like it used to be, enough to make me happy anyway! =^..^=

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    Ah, the phrase ‘God’s in His heaven, and all is right with the world’ comes to mind. Glad you have a reprieve from the cabinet assembly. That’s my thing – I love to put things together, but I don’t want anyone in my way while I’m trying to do it! Enjoy your time with the kids. I hope they get to stay more than just a few days.

  8. 11


    You, Nicole & Speck are probably wise to stay as far away from the assembly project as possible. I see Speck is even hiding his head from the whole affair. 🙂 Enjoy the visit with the kids… it will go all too fast. And then the house will seem unnaturally quiet when they leave.

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    Valerie says

    Oh, I was hoping you would put up pictures of Chad and Nicole. It’s nice to “see” them again. Have a wonderful time together. What do they think of your new home?

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    Cheryl L says

    Enjoy your time with Chad and Nicole! One enouraging sign…..Vince and Chad are reading the instructions! 🙂

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    Marilyn Smith says

    What fun just having them there! We always love it when Todd, Laura and the kids come. Chad looks great and Nicole looks like she has lost weight – she looks terrific!

    Hope you have ridden around the property. It will be fun to read all you have shared with them. And, you have given yourself time to just enjoy them with the majority of the cooking done ahead. All this with the final move – don’t know how you get it all done.

    You are an incredible woman!

    Hugs to all four of you!