Socks #3, 2012

These were a pair that had been started probably back in the summer.

Even though I’m seriously doing Denise’s challenge to make a new pattern each month, I am going to keep a plain Jane pair of socks on the needles.  These are the ones I grab when we’re making a road trip or sitting in a waiting room or anything where I can knit but don’t want to haul a pattern, a row counter and have to do serious thinking while knitting.  For these orange socks, I had one sock finished before we left MO and it’s taken me forever to get the second one done.  The yarn is Lorna’s Laces and that’s one of my favorite sock yarns but it seems like it takes me forever to knit a pair of socks with it.

That’s my third pair to get finished in 2012.  Two pairs were just finishing the second sock and one pair was a start to finish pair.  Next, I’m making a pair of socks for a very special lady and I think I know what yarn I’m  using . . but I’m not sure which pattern I’m going to use.  No time to waste . . I’ll get it all figured out and started tonight.


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    bcinindy says

    Very pretty.
    I have never used a sock form for blocking. Do you find them to be necessary or do you think they turn out just as well if you just block socks without forms?

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      They do help with blocking but it surely isn’t necessary. I like to use them for photos, especially on patterned socks because it stretches the sock out a bit (vs. just having a sock sitting on the floor) and the pattern shows up a bit better.

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    Jeny MacPhee says

    I love Lorna’s Laces, but haven’t seen that colourway before. I may have to get some! What is it?

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    Love those too!! Orange, yes!! Can you tell I’m kind of on an orange and lime green kick? Will you be making some purple ones? Another of my favorites lately. Maybe I should start working on that Halloween quilt using those colors. LOL

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    Vickie Van Dyken says

    OK OK I see all the beautiful yarn and I decide I really would like a pair of those really cool looking socks! Well I have done a lot of knitting of hats and scarves and slippers, never socks. Not doing well with 4 or 5 dpn’s ya that wasn’t working for me. Buy circular needles….then I see the magic loop method and spend awhile on you tube getting Judy’s cast on method. OK …..spent hours looking for patterns with the single circular needle. Got one. Started 🙂 ok my increasing stitches seem to be inconsistant, I need to do that correctly. With one toe done ( toe up socks) I decide to start over, don’t like the way the increase looks??? Started about 3 times……Is this not the thing for me???? Do I need to take a in person lesson ( they have a group at our local library) do I need to have my head examined?? I really like the socks…..but I really think I could have bought a cute pair (or 40) in all the time I have tried to get started LOL LOL Some body tell me that the first one is the hardest and it WILL get easier, please tell me that !! I am going to try it ONE MORE TIME…hahahahahaha or until I get it right.

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      Darlene S says

      Vicky, I don’t think it gets easier. I have tried unsuccesffully to make 1 sock at least 10 times. I get the top going (eventually), but before I can get to the heel, something happens and I have to start all over again!! It IS very frustrating and I’m like you — maybe going to the store and buying a pair would be better for me. BUT I do like a challenge- it’s just I may not have enough years left to make 2 socks if I finish one!! Good luck and if you do manage it, tell me how you did it. 🙂

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    Deb S. says

    Judy – What pattern did you use for these orange socks? I want to try knitting socks and I really like the simplicity of these.