Rolling Along Part 6

This is a simple block, made difficult only because it needs to be a 10″ finished block.  In order to get the QOVs to fit into the sizes requested, block sizes sometimes aren’t what I would normally make them.  This block works well as a 9″ or 12″ block but not so much as a 10″ block but .. everything can be adjusted.

For the larger squares, cut them a tad larger than 3-3/4″.  I would say 3-13/16″ but I know what would happen when you see that 1/16th requirement.  So, just lay your ruler where you would normally cut on the 3-3/4″ mark and then move the ruler over a bit and make the cuts just a little larger.

For the four patch blocks, cut your strips a tad larger than 2-1/8″.  Sew the blue strips to the background strips and then cut those into segments that are just a tad larger than 2-1/8″ and sew those together to make the four patches.

For the rectangle that forms the partial four patch, cut the rectangles a tad larger than 2-1/8″ x 3-3/4″.

Make 17 blocks.  Once the blocks are made, if you need to trim them up a bit, then trim them up to 10-1/2″ unfinished size.  There’s nowhere that the seams need to match from this block to the star block except at the block edges so don’t fight it trying to get everything perfect — just make sure your blocks end up being 10-1/2″ unfinished and everything will be just fine!