Bright Stars is Quilted

Using the longarm is about the only thing I can do without this bandage getting terribly in my way so I think I’ll see if I can dig up another top needing quilting and get it loaded.

I used the Spiral Square panto by Keryn Emmerson, Warm Blend for the batting, and green Superior Sew Fine for the thread.  The binding is made but I’m not going to attempt that til I have full use of all my fingers.


Mixer is Found

It  surely wasn’t like I couldn’t function without my Bosch mixer and I mostly only use it for the blender and for kneading whole wheat bread but just knowing it was missing was making me want to rummage through every box I saw.  That wasn’t good because my rule is that if I open a box, I’m unpacking it completely, no matter what’s in it.  Vince doesn’t have that same rule.  He’ll open a dozen boxes, dig around looking for something and never finish unpacking them.

Last night he came walking into the sewing room with the mixer!

There are plenty of boxes of mine that still need unpacking but I do believe I’ve found everything that I truly need on a day to day basis.  Time to move again!  🙂

Finding the Links

The very first sentence on the color palette challenge page states: Each month, when the new color is posted, a link box will be added for the previous month’s project.

To find the links to January’s projects, click on the February link.  Those blog posts are made on the first of each month and include the link box for the previous month’s submitted projects.

It’s the same way with the UFO Challenge.  Each month when the new number is posted, the ink box is included for the previous month’s completed projects.