February QOV Pattern

This is the pattern I’m offering for the February QOV.  The pattern will be called “Pick A Pinwheel”.

The quilt will finish at about 62″ x 75″.  According to EQ, the fabric requirements, are:

Background – 2 yards
Medium Blue – 7/8 yard
Dark Blue – 1-7/8 yards
Red – 1-1/8 yards
Gold – 1-1/4 yards
Binding – 5/8 yard

This quilt would be quite easy to make scrappy, using a variety of dark and medium blues, reds and golds.

The test block is finished:

Instructions will be posted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, beginning Thursday, February 9.

February Palette Challenge Fabrics

When I got back to the sewing room yesterday morning, I knew there was no way I could use the big floral and crazy prints so I went back to the fabric closet with the printed palette Vicki had chosen for February.

This is what I came up with.

Then I took Vicki’s advice and changed to greyscale to make sure there’s enough contrast.

Then I rearranged the fabrics placing the lights together (the first two), the mediums together (the next 5) and the darks (the last 2) together.  I will add a little black which will also be a dark.  But before taking the next picture, I inserted a fuschia/purple Moda Marble Mate in place of one of the purples.

And here’s the same arrangement with color.

I’m satisfied that there’s sufficient light, medium, and dark fabrics for the design I’ve chosen. Had I not been using the whole palette, I would have probably used one of the greens and one of the oranges and therefore had three mediums instead of five but I can make this work and it’s such fun work!

Have you chosen your fabrics for the February project?