Another Sock

Edited to add the name of the pattern, which I meant to include and forgot!  It’s Twisted Celtic Cable Sock.

Not a pair but just one sock!

While I wouldn’t say this pattern is “hard”, it’s definitely given me a bit of a problem, but it’s all been my own fault.  The instructions are for using two circular needles and I used four DPNs.  That wasn’t a big change but did require me to think a couple of times.  I started these the day or a couple of days before my finger surgery.  I should not have worked on them on the evening of the surgery because I made a mistake.  One of the back cables was knitted as a front facing cable and I didn’t see it til I was almost to the point of working on the heel.  I tried to rip back but then realized that a lot of the knitting didn’t have uniform tension because I was doing it awkwardly to avoid touching my finger, so I ripped it completely out and started over!  And, I used Lorna’s Laces yarn, which I love, but it takes forever to make any progress because it’s such a fine yarn.

These socks are going to be for a gift and once I finish the second sock, I’ll decide if they’re really going to be a gift or if I’m going to make a different pair.  Since I still can’t use the finger, the tension isn’t perfect —  not bad but not perfect.