Progress Report #1

By the end of the retreat, most everyone had at least two finished tops to show . . many had more.  I had one and all I had done was sew rows together.  I visited!  I visited a lot!  As I told the retreaters . . I sew alone every day so being there with folks to talk to was a treat for me.  And, you know I love to talk!  🙂

Today as I returned to the sewing room, I realized that I’m truly a sewing slug!  I’ll sew really good when I have a deadline to meet but otherwise, I waste more time than anyone I know.  I came up with a plan.  I’ll do progress reports in the evenings and show what I started with each morning and what I ended with each evening.  I’m not going to date the reports and some days there won’t be reports (if I didn’t sew!) so I’m just going to number them.  Here we are on about day 51 of the year and this is Report #1.  Wonder how many I’ll do this  year . . at last two!  🙂  I do better when I’m accountable and knowing I have to report my progress might help me work better.  I have a lot of quilts to make and a lot of stash to use!

The first photo (start of the day) in each day’s report will be the same photo I ended with in the previous day’s post.  Make sense?  Today I started out with the same thing that was on my design wall:

It was a day of making silly mistakes but here’s what I ended with:

These are blocks for the February Color Palette Challenge.  It’s pretty different for me but I’m liking it!

Retreat Accomplishments Part 2

Here are more accomplishments that I saw from the retreat.

These all came from the “San Angelo Girls”.  They were such a hoot!  There’s a knitting project there in the middle too.  I think Julie made the I Spy and the panel top but I’m not sure which one of them made the hearts or the star in the back.

The San Angelo Girls were doing bead work too.  This bracelet ended up finished before the retreat was over.

The blue/yellow top is one Doris was working on, as well as the house blocks behind it.  Not sure who the squares belonged to.

I believe Jan and Diane were both working on table runners so I’m not sure who made those.  Jan made the “link” quilt in the  back.  I heard folks ask her a dozen times about the name of the pattern and I’ve forgotten what it  is but it sure was cute.

Here’s a better picture of their table runners.  I’m definitely going to make some of those.

Another table runner and Diane’s beautiful sunflower wall hanging.

Hilary made a bunch of gray/blue/off white blocks, a string quilt and an iPad tote.

Becky, one of the San Angelo Girls, made this and it is obviously gorgeous!  She did thread painting on some spots and she did such a great job.  The background fabrics and the border fabrics were absolutely perfect!

This is Cheryl’s blue bonnet top.  Terry had a gorgeous row quilt and I thought I had pictures of that but am not finding them.  Frieda worked on several projects and I don’t see any pictures of what she was working on.  Lynne, Sandra, Donna . . I am not showing anything you worked on but you were all sitting near me and I know you worked on something.  Sorry I don’t have pictures to show.

Thanks everyone for coming and staying so busy and helping me have so much fun!!


Design Wall Monday – February 20, 2012

Most of the sewing I did over the weekend was on the components for my February Color Palette Challenge.  Lots of work left to be done if this top is going to be finished by the end of this month!