Amy’s Puff Corn

For those who missed the retreat, you missed Amy’s Puff Corn.  It was so good but she also brought heirloom tomatoes.  Amy is one of the San Angelo girls and that whole group was pretty amazing.  I was feeling kinda bad for eating the crumbs out of the puff corn bag because I know I ate at least half of the bag but just when I almost felt bad, I noticed a whole bag.  I think Amy’s Puff Corn is one of the reasons I’m on a diet today but I’d seriously forget about my diet if I saw a bag of that puff corn.  Here’s Amy’s recipe:

Carmel Puff Corn

3 bags of Puff Corn
(I used Chester’s Butter Puffcorn 3.5 oz bags) (I think Amy said it’s by the Cheetoes in the store)
Open bags and pour into LARGE roasting pan

2 sticks butter
1 cup brown sugar
½ cup Karo

Cook till boiling, boil for one minute

Add 1 teaspoon soda and stir, mixture will swell up.

Pour over corn and stir

Bake @ 250 for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes


OK .  now I see the secret . . 2 sticks of butter.  This stuff was so good.  I know what I’m having for a treat when I lose about . . how many pounds??  🙂

Thank you Amy for making and bringing it and thanks for the recipe.

Pick a Pinwheel – Part 7

Attach the corner sections from Step 5 to the remaining segments from Step 6.

Sew those pieces to the top and bottom of the pinwheel sections.  Make 20.

Sew the half square triangles to the flying geese as shown.  Make 80.