April UFO Number

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The UFO number for April is:


Did you get your March UFO finished or get lots of work done on it?  I never found mine.  Looks like my 2013 UFO List may be the same as the 2012 list.  The tops I had been working on at the rental seem to be the ones that are buried the deepest.

Making Little Nine Patches

Blog readers are spoiled folks!  🙂  Almost every quilt I show, someone will ask “Will you please post that pattern?”  Know why I don’t post patterns for every quilt I make?

When I’m coming up with a quilt design, it doesn’t matter to me if I mix 5 patch blocks with 9 patch blocks with 4 patch blocks.   For most 9 patch blocks, they work best with 6″, 9″ or 12″ blocks.  For most 5 patch type blocks, they work best with 5″, 7-1/2″, or 10″ blocks.  What happens when you mix a 5 patch type block with a 9″ type block?  You may end up with weird size pieces.

For the current project, the little nine patches are 4-1/8″ unfinished which makes for some weird cutting sizes.  In order to get the finished quilt at the size I want it to be, I make the blocks whatever size it takes to get to the finished size.  Sometimes that results in weird sizes for cutting the pieces.  It isn’t an issue for me because I know that all my rulers are marked in 1/8″ increments.  In between — right in the middle — of those 1/8th measures is where a 1/16th cut would be so if I need a piece that’s a little less than 1/8″ or a little more than 1/8th”, I know exactly where to place the ruler.  It’s not hard but some folks panic (and let me know) when they see the weird sizes.

That’s why there’s not a pattern for every quilt I make.

This is How I Feel

All this negative talk takes away some of the fun of quilting.  This is how I feel about it all!

Speck, like all dachshunds, loves to be completely covered up.  I wonder if he even knows his back side is completely exposed.  I could make an analogy here but I won’t!  🙂

Then after a while I guess he wasn’t sure what I was doing so he turned himself around.

But, then I went from the computer to the sewing machine so he had to again change positions in order to see what I was doing.

He’s such a good dog.  It’s nice to be loved!  🙂