Kitchen Gadgets

Cooking has always been something I’ve enjoyed.  When I think of the money we save by eating three meals a day at home pretty much every day, I know we’re saving money so I don’t mind being extravagant every now and then with the kitchen gadgets I buy.  I rarely buy clothes, never have manicures/pedicures, my car is 11 years old so buying kitchen gadgets is about my only vice . . unless you count yarn and fabric and sewing items!  But for the purposes of this blog post, we’re not counting yarn and fabric and sewing items.  Everyone in agreement with that?

And, when I buy something, I’ve usually thought it out and know I’ll seriously use it.  I really don’t like buying things I think I can’t live without and then not using them.  Vince is saying that about my loom now but I just haven’t had the time to set it up and use it.  I want to . . and I will, but just can’t right now.

You saw the new canner that I’m so ready to use.  Another thing I bought this week was a juicer.  My buddy, Judy, was talking about juicing and I said . . hey . . I want a juicer so it’s all her fault.  You know . . someone else is always to blame for my actions!  But really, who wouldn’t want something this shiny and cool!

Years and years ago we had one and used it quite a bit.  Not sure what happened to it . . could be in a box somewhere but I do believe it’s been at least 10 or 12 years since I saw it.  This new one is fantastic.  Last night we had juice made from carrots, celery, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, cucumber, apples and pears.  It’s about the same thing tonight but I don’t have any cucumbers and I’m adding a small piece of ginger.

Here are some discussion questions (and yes, someone will win a gift certificate later tonight).

Number Has Been Drawn – A Winner Has Been Chosen!

  1. What is one kitchen gadget, large or small, that you don’t have and would love to have.  (Sorry but the gift certificate isn’t going to be large enough for you to buy it on me!)
  2. Why don’t you buy it?  If it costs too much, are you sure you can’t make up the cost by the savings in using it.  Tomorrow or Sunday, I’m going to post an interesting story about my meat grinder.
  3. Where do you get ideas for kitchen gadgets you might want?

Notice Anything New?

Or . . old?  The old blog is back and to my eye, it looks fantastic!  I know the font is a little different but that’s easy to change but I kinda like the new one.  Some of the things on the sidebars may be missing or may be re-arranged but I think everything is back to where it should be.  If you see anything terribly wrong, please let me know. 

For those who have been wondering about the Rolling Along free pattern, it got just a little aggravating with everyone asking where the parts were.  After about step 4, I was only able to type one handed and copying and pasting just wasn’t at the top of my priority list.  Then after I could use both hands, the blog was messed up and I couldn’t revise that page.  This may sound a little “witchy” with a “B” and some will understand and some will not.  When I offer a free pattern on the blog, it takes a lot of time to design the quilt, make the quilt, write the pattern and upload the instructions.  If you do not read the blog every day, when I said in advance when I would post all the steps, and I did, and you cannot go over to the search bar, which is just under the ad on the right sidebar, and type in “Rolling Along” to get all the steps, then maybe you’re one of those who should be paying $6 – $10 for your patterns and not taking advantage of the free ones!  Just sayin’ . . .

Speaking of Rolling Along, it’s been updated and all the parts are linked to the free pattern page.

OK . . to thank you all for sticking with me during the rocky past few weeks of “database error” messages and slow loads (or no loads), and to celebrate the good blog being back and have some fun, I’m going to do a few give-aways.  During the weekend (Saturday and Sunday but maybe tonight), I’m going to throw out a question for discussion – could be quilt related, might not be.  For a period of time, maybe an hour, maybe a few hours, maybe a day, you can leave comments and from those comments I’ll choose a winner of a $50 gift certificate.  Can be either to the Fat Quarter Shop or, if you’re a knitter, it can be to The Loopy Ewe . . your choice.

Check back often to see what’s going on here this weekend!  And, the question could be way down in a blog post so don’t let what your eyes see fool you!  Smile