Progress Report – 030312

The top from the Deep in the Heart of Texas fabric is done!  I finished it a few hours ago but then rushed back to the house to fix juice (carrots, ginger and pears — it was good!), get clean sheets on the bed, do a final kitchen clean up . . and finally, I have time to get the picture posted.

Vince came over to look at the quilt and said “I want one!” so I guess I have another one to make.  Thanks for your help with the borders!

Is This Good?

Notice the difference the lighting has on the photos from the ones taken just now (6:50 p.m.) to those taken about two hours earlier when natural light was streaming through the windows and doors.

By the way, this is not a bed quilt.  It’s going to be about 62″ x 76″.  There will be an additional outer brown border.

What do you think?  Thanks Donna for the idea.  I wasn’t thinking I could turn just one border differently.

Dinner is ready to come out of the oven and Vince is probably about ready to come and get me to see dinner isn’t already on the table.  I’ll eat and be back over here to finish this quilt tonight .. so I can start on the March Color Palette Challenge.