Progress Report – 030412

Last night when I finished the Texas quilt, I  was so excited to get to start my March Color Palette Challenge this morning.  When I got to the sewing room a little after noon, I started picking up the leftover pieces from the Texas quilt and was going to pack it all away so I could make Vince’s quilt later.  Then I thought . . why not just do it while I have everything out and the measurements are fresh on my mind.  For the first Texas quilt, I had planned to set it 5 blocks across with 6 rows up and down so that would have been 30 blocks.  When I decided  to set it 4 x 5, I only needed 20 blocks but I had most of the segments done for the extra 10 blocks.  That meant I only needed to make segments for 10 more blocks and then assemble all the blocks.  I could do it!  And, I did it!

The corner blocks are made for the wide border.  I think I can get this top assembled completely tomorrow and then maybe on Tuesday get started on my Color Palette Challenge top.

Weekend Coming to a Close

Sunday afternoon is quickly give way to Sunday evening.  Sunday night will soon descend upon us and Monday morning, a new week, will begin.  One of the things that keeps me going at the speed at which I go is knowing that every minute, every hour, every day that passes, is a minute, hour or day that’s gone forever . . that I’ll never get back.  I want to enjoy every minute of every day and be as productive as I can be.  Even though I try to get as much done as I can, I never set goals that result in stress because even something as fun as sewing will quickly become a chore if I allow myself to get stressed about meeting deadlines.  When writing books, that sometimes happens if I don’t keep myself on a good schedule.

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For our final gift certificate of the weekend, here’s our discussion topic:

  1. What did you accomplish this weekend . . sewing or non-sewing related?
  2. Did you get as much done as you had planned?
  3. If not, why not?
  4. Do you feel good about your accomplishments this weekend?