Sunday Night Winner

The winning number for a $50 gift certificate from either The Loopy Ewe or the Fat Quarter Shop has been chosen from the Weekend Coming to a Close post and it is:

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Congratulations Jennifer!  I’m sending you an email.

Progress Report – 030412

Last night when I finished the Texas quilt, I  was so excited to get to start my March Color Palette Challenge this morning.  When I got to the sewing room a little after noon, I started picking up the leftover pieces from the Texas quilt and was going to pack it all away so I could make Vince’s quilt later.  Then I thought . . why not just do it while I have everything out and the measurements are fresh on my mind.  For the first Texas quilt, I had planned to set it 5 blocks across with 6 rows up and down so that would have been 30 blocks.  When I decided  to set it 4 x 5, I only needed 20 blocks but I had most of the segments done for the extra 10 blocks.  That meant I only needed to make segments for 10 more blocks and then assemble all the blocks.  I could do it!  And, I did it!

The corner blocks are made for the wide border.  I think I can get this top assembled completely tomorrow and then maybe on Tuesday get started on my Color Palette Challenge top.

Weekend Coming to a Close

Sunday afternoon is quickly give way to Sunday evening.  Sunday night will soon descend upon us and Monday morning, a new week, will begin.  One of the things that keeps me going at the speed at which I go is knowing that every minute, every hour, every day that passes, is a minute, hour or day that’s gone forever . . that I’ll never get back.  I want to enjoy every minute of every day and be as productive as I can be.  Even though I try to get as much done as I can, I never set goals that result in stress because even something as fun as sewing will quickly become a chore if I allow myself to get stressed about meeting deadlines.  When writing books, that sometimes happens if I don’t keep myself on a good schedule.

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For our final gift certificate of the weekend, here’s our discussion topic:

  1. What did you accomplish this weekend . . sewing or non-sewing related?
  2. Did you get as much done as you had planned?
  3. If not, why not?
  4. Do you feel good about your accomplishments this weekend?

I Spy a Dog Nose

Speck never lets me out of his sight.  In the house we have an old blanket that is one of those kinds that has holes woven into it.  It has a few holes that weren’t woven into it but it’s his blanket and he doesn’t seem to mind.  He loves getting under that blanket because he can see through the holes . . stay warm and still see where I am and what I’m doing.

In the sewing room, he has his big pillow and a quilt.  He can’t see so well through the quilt so he has to work really hard to get every inch of his dachshund body covered up and still be able to see me.

Do you see a dog nose sticking out?

He was facing the sewing machine so he could see me but then I moved to the computer and Speck had to uncover a little more of his head so he could see me.

My little buddy!  He’s such a sweetie.