A Fig Tree

How much better can things get around here?  I love figs . . seriously love figs.  I could sit and eat them right off the tree til I . . well, I guess til I couldn’t eat any more.  I love fig preserves.  I love fig cake.  I do not like Fig Newtons.  My grandparents had a couple of huge fig trees.  One is no longer there but one is still there and still produces but my parents aren’t up at the old home place enough to take good care of it and the birds end up getting most of the figs.  In Kentucky I begged for a fig tree and found one online that said it would survive our winters but it did not.  In Missouri, I didn’t even try because our winters were worse than in Kentucky.

Over the weekend, we were at Tractor Supply and they only had a few fruit trees out but I walked over to look at them.  Vince keeps telling me we’re not planting fruit trees this spring . . getting the garden going and cows or goats or whatever we’re going to do will be more than enough to tackle this spring.  I told him that if there was a fig tree, I was getting it.  Sure, enough . . they had fig trees and we got it!

Til Vince can get it planted and protection up so the deer don’t eat it, I leave it out during the day and put it in the well house at night.  Just looking at the fig on that picture and knowing we’ll some day have figs, makes me so happy!


Anatomy of a Gold Brick Egg

Good grief!  I have quilts to make and you folks have just caused me to chop up a Gold Brick egg and eat the whole thing.  The sacrifices I make for my blog readers!  🙂

OK . . you start with one Gold Brick egg that hopefully you do not have to search far and wide to find.

You open the package hurriedly and in a haphazard and destructive manner so hopefully you do not get a glimpse of this stuff!

And you remove the tasty little morsel from the package and throw the package in the trash — quickly . . don’t read anything!  Who would have thought it had no Vitamin A or C!  Weird!  🙂

How much damage can 1 or 2 6 eggs do?  It’s barely over 2″ and in fact, it’s just half an egg!  It’s chocolate but it doesn’t taste like most chocolate . . it tastes better!

When cut in half, it is revealed that it’s chocolate all the way through!  Not hollow.  Not marshmallow.  Not gross eggy looking substance.  It’s chocolate!  Just chocolate with a few pecans thrown in for good measure.

And just to prove that it truly looks like chocolate and not some orangey brown unhealthy substance, this is what they look like on a sheet of white paper in the real light.

Except that one doesn’t look like that any more because . . well, I ate it!  If you have any more questions about Gold Brick eggs or if you need to see that demo again, I have 10 more and I’ll be real happy to repeat this process as often as necessary til you fully understand everything you need to know about Gold Brick eggs.  And, should I run out of eggs and you’re still not clear . . I can run down to Kroger and get more!  All you have to do is ask!  🙂


Texas Feels a Lot Like Heaven

Having never lived anywhere except southwest Louisiana  until I was . . well, let’s just say I was kinda getting up there in years when I moved to Kentucky 15 years ago.  When we moved away, I knew getting crawfish was going to be difficult but little did I know that there were places in these United States of America where Gold Brick eggs were not sold.  As spring arrived and the Easter candy made its way to the shelves our first year in Kentucky, I began searching for my beloved Gold Brick eggs.  They were nowhere . . not at Wal-Mart; not at Walgreen’s; not at the grocery store.  I assumed everyone in Kentucky loved them as much as I did and I began asking store managers if they were getting in more Gold Brick eggs.  No one knew what I was talking about.  The sad truth was that  unless I went home to Louisiana to visit during the weeks preceding Easter, I was doomed to do without Gold Brick eggs.

When we moved to Missouri, I thought surely they would have Gold Brick eggs there.  Nope, not in our little town, not in Joplin . . no Gold Brick eggs to be found.

But here in Heaven Texas, yesterday, while walking down the aisle at Kroger, I squealed with delight when I saw this display.

I said to Vince “I’m only getting one package because I’m on a diet!”  He insisted I get two packages because for 15 years I’ve looked for them and haven’t been able to find them.

How can someone who doesn’t even like chocolate love these chocolate eggs so much?  I wish I knew the answer to my own question!