Our First Chickens

Here’s a post when we got chickens the first time.  Speck’s reaction was the same exact thing this time.  He’s not nearly as happy to have them as I am but since he loves having eggs for breakfast, he might ought to re-think that bad attitude he has!

I’ve checked on them a dozen times since lunch and they’re still fine!  🙂

Speck Has Sisters!

We never dreamed it would be hard to get baby chicks here.  In Missouri, they were easy to find.  Lots of places had them and had lots of “varieties”.  When we realized that the only place in our whole county that seems to sell baby chicks is Tractor Supply and everyone knew a new shipment was to arrive this morning, I wasn’t real hopeful that we’d get any from this shipment.  Last night I checked McMurray and Ideal Hatcheries and found it would be mid April to mid May before they would have pullets again.

I was in the house ironing Vince’s shirts when I saw him coming down the driveway.  He was driving very slowly, taking the curves ever so gently so I knew he had baby chicks.  I ran out to meet him and he had the biggest smile on his face!

Eight little girls!  Aren’t they adorable?  We have no idea what we got except they’re supposed to be pullets.  The folks at Tractor Supply weren’t sure what they are.  They told us they’re all pullets but the yellow ones look like Gold Star pullets, where Gold Star boys are more of a solid whitish yellow.  We’ll see what happens.  If it crows, . . well, we’ll have to talk about that.  I’m scared of roosters.

I was so excited!  Vince said “Most wives are happy to get diamonds but you’re happier with baby chicks!”  Yep, but the truth is . . by the time we build the chicken coop and feed 8 chickens, we could just about buy a small diamond!

There won’t be much sewing going on.  I keep running to check on them.  I just love having them!  They’re eating well and drinking.  I hope our results with these are as good as they were with our other chickens.