Progress Report – 030712

It my not look like much sewing . . and maybe it wasn’t.  There were baby chickens to play with and cows to watch for but I did sew a little.

Recognize the colors for the March Color Palette Challenge?

Tired Little Chicks

This is what I feared!

Guess where the chickens are now.  Does the Millennium in the background give you any idea that they’ve moved into my sewing room?  It was hard to keep the temp in their box at 95º while they were in the shop due to the changing temps in there so we decided to bring them into the sewing room and put them up on the table so Speck can’t get to them.

We moved them and then we held them and played with them a bit and then we went back to the house for dinner.  When we came back to check on them . . they were all tuckered out!

They’re already getting little feathers on their wings!  They’re just so cute!

The Cows are Coming!

More changes at the ranch.  Remember that I kinda wanted goats.  The whole ranch (300+ acres) is fenced and cross-fenced for cows.  In order for us to have goats, we would have to fence and cross-fence our 45 acres with goat fencing which would be expensive!  We calculated that if we took the cost of the fencing, along with a couple of goat shelters, setting up watering places for them, getting a dog or donkey to protect them, and then we figure the tax benefit, it will take us about 15 years to break even, and that’s if all goes well and the goats stay healthy.  Another option was to fence off our new property lines to divide us from the big ranch, and then get our three cows.  The problems with that is we’d need a cow trailer in case we had to take them somewhere (like the mall . . or out to eat . . or to the sale barn).  The vet will come here so we wouldn’t have to take them to the vet.  And, if we got a cow trailer, we’d have to get a new truck because . . we have a 16 year old S-10 that will not pull a trailer with a cow!  Our other option was to share cows with the neighbor.  That’s the option we went with and it’s working out so well for us.  He had cows at his grandpa’s ranch already so he brought them over to his house, kept them in a small fenced area til the mama cows all had their babies, and today he turned them loose to roam across our area and his area.  All we had to do:  (1)  Keep three of our four gates closed and (2) Make sure there’s water in the watering trough by our driveway.  The trough is full and the gates are closed!

Notice the sky is pretty gray . . we have a storm brewing!  Doesn’t this picture look like something out of an old TV western movie?

Check out the swirling dust.  It’s almost always like that outside.  That I could do without!

While I was walking around looking for the cows, which I may never see because there’s an awful lot of land out there for them roam around on, I took a picture of my garden spot.  It ended up being 70′ long, 60′ wide on the big end and 35′ wide on the narrower end.  Vince had to work around the water line and shade but that’s plenty of garden space.  He had planned to get the fencing up this weekend but we have lots of rain in our forecast and I’m never going to complain about rain!

Don’t you just love it out here?