Progress Report – 030812

This morning I woke up wanting to knit.  Those blue socks . . they’re really bugging me.  I want to finish them so I can start something else but I’m not enjoying knitting them so I don’t finish them.  I’m going to get back to knitting on them as soon as I finish this post.  I thought about sitting and knitting for an hour this morning before going to the sewing room but then decided to go sew and stop sewing early and come back to the house and knit.

So, off to the sewing room I went.  I sewed all the half square triangles and triangles into the rows for the baskets.

My goal was to get 5 blocks made and then I could go knit.  About the time I had convinced myself to stick with the sewing, the phone in the sewing room rang and it was the mail lady and she had a package so I ran down to the gate to meet her and sure enough, it was from The Loopy Ewe.

I opened the box, fondled the yarn and convinced myself to get those 5 blocks finished.  Before I knew it, I had all 17 of them done!

How’s that for sticking with the plan?  Now I’m going to knit til bed time and tomorrow . . I may sit in the recliner and knit all day if it means getting that blue sock finished.  Or, I may go sew.  Who knows what I’ll decide when I wake up in the morning.  One thing for sure, it’s really nice to be able to wake up and do something that I love doing . . whether that might be knitting or sewing!

Snoozin’ Chicks

Who needs a pillow when there’s another baby chick close by?

They run around for a few minutes, then eat, and drink and then fall asleep!  They’re so cute.  Look at those wing feathers!  They’re growing so quickly.

The March Color Palette Quilt

Finally, yesterday I was able to work on my March Color Palette quilt.  The design I came up with uses one block that’s on a “3 grid” so it works well for a 9″ block or a 12″ block.  The alternating block is on a “5 grid” so it works best on a 10″ block.  I went with the 9″ block but had to do some tweaking to get the alternating block to work.

I made the first block and made a couple of changes, then made the second block to be sure everything was working perfectly.

As with the previous two palettes, these aren’t colors I usually put together but I’m loving how this project is going.  I’ve been wanting to make a basket quilt for a long time.

Last night I made all the half square triangles, 170 of them, and got all the pieces cut for the 17 basket blocks.

If I stay on track and don’t spend too much time gawking at the baby chicks, I could get quite a few of these blocks done today.  Speaking of the baby chicks, I had forgotten how funny they are.  Yesterday they learned to “scratch”.  They’ll scratch in the shavings and back up to see if there’s anything there worth eating.  There’s nothing but it keeps them busy.  By the end of the day yesterday, they were running full speed from one end of the box to the other.  They’re so funny to watch.  Oh . . right . . I can’t watch baby chicks all day . . I have basket blocks to make!