One of My Favorite Yarns

This morning I made the decision to use the Zora pattern for my next socks.  The more I knit on this sock, I am convinced that my favorite sock yarn is String Theory Caper.  It’s 80% merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon. It’s springy, it’s so soft, it’s fluffy enough for good stitch definition.  That’s exactly what String Theory says about their yarn and it’s true.  They also say the projects can be machine washed inside out but recommend laying it flat to dry.  I will hand wash mine and lay them flat to dry.

String Theory yarn is available at some of the knitting shops but there are lots of colors on the String Theory site and can be ordered directly from them.  They will even wind it into a ball for no charge.  I’ve ordered from them before and they’re good to do business with and they give you points, which add up to a discount on yarn purchases!  Can’t beat that!

The Zora pattern is easy to follow, easy to memorize and so far, as been a fun knit!



Socks #4

The socks that I started in February ended up being a real hassle for me to get finished.  I’ve already mentioned it but I was trying to knit them when my finger was injured so the tension wasn’t great and the pattern wasn’t a favorite and I kept putting off finishing.  Thursday I said to myself that I was getting those socks finished before the weekend was over.  I knitted Thursday night and got the heel turned and then Friday I sat and knitted almost all day.  And, I’m happy to say I finished them last night!

The picture above shows the color more accurately but the picture below shows the design better.

Next socks – – not sure what pattern but I’m using Caper Sock by String Theory.  I do love this yarn!

For the pattern, I’ll either use Olympic Copper or Zora.   Both start out with casting on 64 stitches, and K1 P1 ribbing so I got started on that last night.

It feels really good to be finished with those light blue socks!