March Flare Setting

My March Color Palette Challenge quilt is going to be named March Flare.  Can you figure out why?  Solar Flares.  The colors.  I think that’s a good name and it means I don’t have to keep thinking of a name.

If you don’t use Electric Quilt software by now, this post might just change your mind.  Yes, you can draw in graph paper and use pencil colors but if a computer ditz like me can figure out EQ, you can too.  Sometimes my way of figuring out how to save money isn’t quite normal and if you need examples, just ask Vince but I think using EQ saves so much that it’s worth it!  Sometimes when I’m too tired to quilt or don’t have time to get into a project, in previous years, I would have gotten online and ordered fabric.  That would give me the “quilt fix” I needed.  Now, I can just doodle in EQ and that gives me a better “fix”.  Also, I can see exactly how things are going to look, tweaking the design til I get it exactly as I want it, with no wasted cuts of fabric.

Using the two blocks that have been on my design wall, here’s a possible layout.

It looked a little blah so I changed some of the sashings to black.  This is the setting I’ll use.

But just for fun, I played around with some on point settings and believe it or not, these are the same two blocks.  Portions of the blocks are drawn using different fabrics but they started out as the same two blocks.

How fun is that setting?  I’m tempted to make it as a wall hanging for my sewing room wall.  I like it a lot!

Here’s a question for you:  When you saw the March Color Palette, did you even think such a beautiful quilt could come from those bright colors?  I’m learning that any color combinations can produce gorgeous quilts and it’s been a lot of fun for me to use colors I wouldn’t normally use together.  If you’re not participating in the challenge . . why not?

Sock Yarn Sale

You know I’d never be one to try to talk someone into buying anything . . not me!  Not fabric, not yarn, not thread, certainly not chickens!  🙂  But, I’m just saying . . here’s a good deal on some great sock yarn.

Allison at Simply Sock Yarn is having a great sale on some of the discontinued Opal yarn collections and there a few of the Online yarns on sale too.  The socks made from Opal just wear and wear!  I do believe they love to be thrown into the washer and dryer.  I normally don’t do it but every now and then, a pair has accidentally ended up going through the washer and dryer and still looks as good as new.  The yarn is mostly self striping yarn and isn’t the best for doing patterns such as cables but for plain Jane socks, especially socks that are to be gifted, you cannot beat Opal yarn.

I’ve been a Simply Sock Yarn customer for many years.  I looked at my order history and my first order was placed with them in May, 2007.  I highly recommend SSY – great yarn and great service.  I’ve placed my order.  That’s the kind of friend I am . . I get what I want before I tell you about it.  I’m sure quantities are limited so if you want it . . get it now!  I may decide to place another order!