Strawberries, Peaches & Figs

Probably not this year but we’ll have fruit in the near future.  Have to start somewhere . . if we didn’t plant them, we’d never have them.  Two peach trees were planted here already when we moved here.  One was already dead but the other one is budding out.  We need to dig up the dead one and plant another one.  They’re inside a fence/cage to keep the deer from getting them.

We’re still putting the fig tree in the well house at night to keep the deer from eating it but it’s doing great — new buds and new leaves.

The strawberries are safely out of reach of the deer . . unless they’re really hungry.

They can and would get those plants if they were hungry but there’s plenty of vegetation out right now for them so I’m hoping they don’t tackle the Honda to eat those strawberries.  The more likely thing that will happen is that I’ll forget they’re up there and I’ll drive off and lose them.

The neighbor was telling me yesterday that he had gone out with his RTV to check on the cows.  He had put cubes for the cows in a bucket and had left the empty bucket in the back of his RTV.  When he got home late that night from being somewhere, the deer were in his carport licking the crumbs out of the empty bucket while it was still in the back of the RTV.   The deer are pretty to watch but they sure make it difficult to grow anything.

A Knitting Afternoon

This time change is kicking my behind!  It’s almost 8:00 p.m. by the time we come in from working outside and then there are things to be done in the house so getting to bed by midnight has not been happening . . two nights in a row!  Up at 6 a.m. and that’s just not enough sleep for me. Do you struggle to adjust to the time change?   Was it easier when you were younger?  Please tell me I’m not getting old!  🙂

This morning I sewed for a while and got just a little accomplished.

A little housework has been done and now I’m going to sit and knit and look out the window . . . watch for deer and cows and listen to the birds singing.  Might not sound like fun to some but it’s a life I love!

What are you doing this afternoon?

They’re So . . Chicken!

Remembering how my other chickens loved dandelions, I was thrilled to see dandelion blooms outside yesterday.  I knew my new little chickens were probably too small to eat the flowers but since I knew it wouldn’t hurt them, I picked a few and put into their box.

They scattered way away from the flowers and then gradually, ever so cautiously moved a bit closer . . but didn’t get very close.

They never did eat any of them by they wore themselves out trying to see what this new and obviously dangerous item was.

Sometimes when they sleep, it looks like they just dropped . . I guess that’s what they do at this point.  We need to get a roost in there for them.